Defining The Blues Brothers New Mission

51SogEqVm8L._AC_UL320_SR318,320_The blues is alive with an all-new animation featuring The Blues Brothers to celebrate the musical genre. This performing duo are true champions. They are more than just cheerleaders to this cause and they are on a mission from God to spread the joy. The new generation tuning in this show will be introduced to musical legends (they will be re-recording their tunes specifically for this show) and new emerging talent. Music will be the highlight, and appropriately enough, he will be the name of an all-new character to guide the brothers on a tour all around North America to show how the genre has evolved.

My hope is that this show will spotlight the various styles found within the genre. The Chicago sound is very different from the Delta rhythm. The Big Band sound this band uses in their ensemble team (Steve Cropper, Donald “Duck “ Dunn, Matt “Guitar” Murphy and Steve Jordan are the backbone of this group) is worth noting. In the traditional sense, blues is about one musician singing about women, whisky and wine. Papa Lightfoot made this fact well known.

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