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Just how Sky-HI Can This Rapper Go? Sonic the Hedgehog 2 Lands in Japan and Music Video!

22 Aug

nHB1mW XWZi1nyCbvSXF0jp3Jnoimj9 TBlleK9hx120CGz5aoMoTDDZCwMQyqec2q1JIgKxJapan’s phenomenal rapper, SKY-HI, must love Sonic the Hedgehog! After news of the third movie in development for 2024 (sadly the fate of Dr. Robotnik’s role is unclear because of Jim Carrey wanting to retire), this talent needed to sing the praises with ‘Fly Without Wings,’ and offer a version with the Blue Blur himself!

As one of Japan’s most creative and proactive artists and the president and producer of cutting-edge management company/label BMSG, SKY-HI continues to push the boundaries of music every day.

Now, as the mega-hit movie ‘Sonic the Hedgehog 2’ is finally released in theaters in Japan, SKY-HI has contributed his official movie-inspired track ‘Fly Without Wings’, which is released today (JST). The first version has some clear Sonic vibes to it, but there’s a second version!

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On Dec 25th, FEMM’s Holiday Gift to Fans Worldwide is…

21 Dec

FEMM — JpopRocksLooking for a Japanese way to take on Christmas Day? Electronic dance duo FEMM has a suggestion! These two gals performance art approach is unique. They pretend to be mannequins coming to life, and their costumes spotlight the latest in fashion. Nothing going to stop them from touring as they have fans worldwide. In the meantime, they have something to offer in the digital realm.

Fresh off the release of their new hyper-pop EP ‘404 Not Found’ last month, this group announced ‘Tic Toc’ will chime in the holiday December 25! (JST). This new track was teased at on their social media accounts. A short clip can be seen on YouTube (see below), and more details are to come.

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