On Dec 25th, FEMM’s Holiday Gift to Fans Worldwide is…

FEMM — JpopRocksLooking for a Japanese way to take on Christmas Day? Electronic dance duo FEMM has a suggestion! These two gals performance art approach is unique. They pretend to be mannequins coming to life, and their costumes spotlight the latest in fashion. Nothing going to stop them from touring as they have fans worldwide. In the meantime, they have something to offer in the digital realm.

Fresh off the release of their new hyper-pop EP ‘404 Not Found’ last month, this group announced ‘Tic Toc’ will chime in the holiday December 25! (JST). This new track was teased at on their social media accounts. A short clip can be seen on YouTube (see below), and more details are to come.

The melody was created by R&B singer Vedo, whose song ‘You Got It’ has been viewed over 8.5 million videos on TikTok, generating Gold Award certification from the RIAA on December 10.

‘Tic Toc – Short Ver. -’ YouTube:


FEMM have previously performed live in Western countries such as the United States, the United Kingdom, Italy, Switzerland, Denmark and Germany, as well as Asian shows in Indonesia, Taiwan and Shanghai. The ride has sometimes been rough: In one country their car was broken into and most of their possessions were stolen, while some audiences have given them a harsh welcome. And of course, in the wake of the global COVID-19 pandemic, FEMM’s planned shows in Los Angeles, Chicago and Portugal were canceled. Rather than give in to these painful setbacks, the tough members of FEMM have poured their hearts into their music, expressing their experiences in the lyrics to ‘Tic Toc’.

The song tells of FEMM’s heartfelt desire to return to performing live, where they are able to transform the short time spent together with their fans each night into something eternal. As the world has experienced an unprecedented shared anxiety for much of 2020, the mellow R&B and hip-hop vibe of ‘Tic Toc’ expresses a subconscious desire for human connection that we all feel. It’s a comforting ending to a difficult year – a Christmas Day gift we can all enjoy.

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