Experience Hidden Worlds, The Films of LAIKA in 2023 at MoPOP and More!

My love for this medium has only grown since looking at the objects displayed at Hidden Worlds, The Films of Studio Laika. Maybe 1/5th of their collection is proudly shown and I’m sure there’ll be more put on display throughout the year.

Ed and Norman Babcock at Hidden Worlds, the Films of Laika at MoPOPRuns till Summer 2024

‘s Hidden Worlds, The Films of LAIKA exhibit is all kinds of wonderful, and there’s lots of time to plan a trip Seattle, WA to go see it! 

Once I stepped onto the third floor, there were a few stations to learn about the art of making cinema through stop-motion. The best part is to see the sets and puppets from this studio’s movies up close. After seeing this exhibit, I was ready to rewatch all the movies and the making of featurettes again! But this time, I’ll have to wait for my 4K steelbook order of the set to arrive. That’s because I want the extra resolution to see if I can spot where the mould lines are from the bits that help make these models come alive.

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