Ninjago. From Water to Crystallized, Nya’s Fate is the Focus in the Latest.

The fifth and sixth episodes of Ninjago Crystallized is all about showing how Nya transitions back to mortal form.

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The fifth and sixth episodes of Ninjago Crystallized is all about showing how Nya transitions back to mortal form. However, she won’t be in ship shape to help with the ongoing investigation regarding the Vengestone just yet.

“Public Enemies 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5!” focuses on the Ninjago team planning a heist, and there’s nothing spectacular to say regarding this chapter. The title says it all since the team is planning to steal Aspheera’s staff. It’s awaiting transportation to a new safe house. Without it, the serpent queen can’t restore Nya. The team makes a decision to go rogue since the mission is about saving one of their own.

Although they’ve succeeded, the Mayor declares the Ninjago team must be apprehended.

The next episode, “A Painful Promise,” is far better. We witness this snake queen at her worst, a juvenile brat hell-bent on proving herself as the superior to Wu. The moments are much like how Bugs Bunny torments Elmer Fudd. By the time they return to HQ, the cops are hot on their tail, and the New Ninja is fighting the old team. There’s more tête-à-tête going on, and in what’s revealed, my prior theory is tossed out the window. Had this team been formed due to the other being their heroes, that notion is now revealed.

In what’s more important to learn here is that Lloyd is honourable, and fulfils his promise to release Aspherra. As a result, I’m left asking if she’ll remember this and help the team later?

Nya on Ice

Another key detail to note is that Nya’s recovery is hardly speedy. I’m left asking a huge question–who will become the next water ninja? Will someone else become part of the Ninjago team? Earlier in the series, her role to round out the five-person team was hammered, and it’ll be strange to replace her. She’ll be back, and as most people can easily guess, Samurai X is back!

A bigger question I have is where did Nya’s power go? Aspheera didn’t absorb the power, but we did see in the explosion that the power had to go somewhere. This plot hole must be addressed.

Although the snake queen doesn’t stray far, she’s definitely insane. Her origami skills to forge a new army are no doubt foreshadowing a future in which she’ll lead troopers to conquer Ninjago. Instead, a robotic spider shows up, asking if she likes to join a special council. I believe this group will be like The Legion of Doom, and as for who else will join, next week’s episodes will tell all.

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