Little Richard. He’s Everything, Everywhere and a Crazy Rocker All At Once!

Newcomers will find this Little Richard, I Am Everything very revealing. We even learn about his switch to gospel, and a lot more.

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Anyone who knew who Richard Wayne Penniman was before becoming the musician that he is really requires knowing the era and influences that turned him into Little Richard, I Am Everything. This cinematic presentation is getting special one day screenings around America (please check local listings), and I hope it’ll arrive at streaming services soon afterwards.

What’s offered is a perfect introduction and a look back at music history. Throughout the 50s and 60s, race relations through the Bible belt were difficult and when it pertained to music, tracking everything that went on is a scholarly study in itself! To talk about how Penniman struggled is just as important. Nearly every beat and problem is explored, including his homosexuality.

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Critically Acclaimed Dogman Lands at Victoria Film Festival 2019!

Description: Mac Share:Dogman:Poster:dogman_Poster_2764x4096.jpgPlaying locally at
Cineplex Silvercity
(3130 Tillicum Rd)

February 8 | 6:15 PM 

Click here to buy tickets in advance.

The 2019 Victoria Film Festival will be screening Dogman ahead of its theatrical release (on April 12. 2019) by Magnolia Pictures. Instead of waiting long, the rush is to see why this film earned many awards, including Best Actor at Cannes. Marcello Fonte is a tour-de-force.

Billed as a crime drama, this work is all about survival of the fittest. In canine society, it’s about who is the alpha? Juxtapositions will no doubt be in place for the lead. Marcello is a mild-mannered man who divides his days between working at his modest dog grooming salon, caring for his daughter Alida, and being coerced into the petty criminal schemes of the local bully Simoncino, an ex-boxer who terrorizes the neighbourhood. When Simoncino’s abuse finally brings Marcello to a breaking point, he decides to stand up for his own dignity through an act of vengeance, with unintended consequences.

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