DreamWorks Madagascar Has Gotten A Little Wild After Eight Seasons!

The best episodes of Madagascar A Little Wild boils down to “Strictly Salsa” concerning a pair of parrots misunderstanding going awry, and “Fine Art Flop,” which was a parody of the whole Bob Ross phenomenon.

Madagascar A LIttle WildOn Hulu and Peacock TV

DreamWorks Madagascar franchise has a new life with A Little Wild. Just when I thought the last film marked the finale for this series, I’m glad it has continued beyond Netflix. The spinoff about the lemurs aren’t the same. This cartoon looks at the lives of Alex the Lion (voiced by Tucker Chandler), Marty the Zebra (Amir O’Neil), Melman the Giraffe (Luke Lowe) and Gloria the Hippo (Shaylin Becton) learning about what it takes to be friends.

Season Eight recently dropped, and the formula is wearing thin. After all this time, it’s finally showing a glimmer of how their cinematic adventures begin. Most of their tales take place with them enjoying life within the zoo and sometimes in the city. Life in the urban jungle is tough, but these cubs are showing they’re very adaptable.

This series isn’t any different from other cartoons developed for kindergarteners, and after all the latest season drops this year, the only thing fans need to know is that they’re cute as buttons when young, but rather ornery as adults.

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All Hail King Julien! A Review

By Ed Sum (The Vintage Tempest)


The high production values in Netflix’s All Hail King Julien certainly makes this cartoon worth paying attention to. Its CGI quality puts the animated television show Penguins of Madagascar to shame. Story wise, this show has a lot to like about how Julien inherits the throne. The series is not always about slapstick because the next ring-tailed lemur in the family has to learn how to be a proper king.

The irresponsible one viewers have come to know from the films and television series is Julien XIII (Danny Jacobs). In the past, he never learned responsibility and to be suddenly crowned by King Julien XII (Henry Winkler) is a bit of a shock to him. Even as a kid, he was a self-absorbed social misfit and party animal. He never understood about what courtly duties meant until now, and to make a series based on him learning important lessons puts this program right up there as a socially responsible show.

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What’s Next for the Penguins of Madagascar?

Skipper has a secret not only in The Penguins of Madagascar cartoon series, but also the film…

The Penguins of Madagascar

Skipper has a secret in The Penguins of Madagascar, and it involves some kind of covert operation that has him in trouble with Danish authorities. Throughout the series, references to this mysterious past of the leader of the Penguins has been made. He was declared Public Enemy Number One in Denmark. This tease is not the only reason to keep viewers coming back for more, but instead, its their crazy slapstick antics that keeps this series fresh. This style of storytelling has managed to keep this Nickelodeon series going for three seasons, and as for whether or not a fourth will happen, that may be stalled whilst a theatrical movie, is being developed by Dreamworks Animation.

Hopefully the big screen treatment that’s tentatively scheduled for a 2015 release will not be a mirror of the television series. Sometimes,the humour wears itself thin because the shorts are more in league to an Animaniacs moment. But when the world of the penguins is expanded to include the lemurs from the animated movies, the diversity is great. That managed to carry the Madagascar films until it got worn thin. Alex the Lion’s journey is over and someone (most likely Marty the Zebra) has to take his place.

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