DreamWorks Madagascar Has Gotten A Little Wild After Eight Seasons!

10 Aug

Madagascar A LIttle WildOn Hulu and Peacock TV

DreamWorks Madagascar franchise has a new life with A Little Wild. Just when I thought the last film marked the finale for this series, I’m glad it has continued beyond Netflix. The spinoff about the lemurs aren’t the same. This cartoon looks at the lives of Alex the Lion (voiced by Tucker Chandler), Marty the Zebra (Amir O’Neil), Melman the Giraffe (Luke Lowe) and Gloria the Hippo (Shaylin Becton) learning about what it takes to be friends.

Season Eight recently dropped, and the formula is wearing thin. After all this time, it’s finally showing a glimmer of how their cinematic adventures begin. Most of their tales take place with them enjoying life within the zoo and sometimes in the city. Life in the urban jungle is tough, but these cubs are showing they’re very adaptable.

This series isn’t any different from other cartoons developed for kindergarteners, and after all the latest season drops this year, the only thing fans need to know is that they’re cute as buttons when young, but rather ornery as adults.

I had to see if it improved since the first season and had trouble finding standout episodes. It finally boiled it down to “Strictly Salsa” concerning a pair of parrots misunderstanding going awry, and “Fine Art Flop,” which was a parody of the whole Bob Ross phenomenon.

Personally, I’m waiting for the penguins to appear, and my hopes have been answered! Mention of the motley foursome has been alluded to in “The Final Furteir.” It’d be hilarious to meet a young Skipper, Kowalski, Rico, and Private in the next season. If that’s the plan, I can’t wait, but a little toucan is saying the latest is the finale.

Perhaps this call to end the series is for the better. It doesn’t have the lasting appeal as the films and the Penguins of Madagascar spin off. With Tom McGrath (skipper) directing more DreamWorks movies these days, the chances of him going back to doing voice work is slim, and we were supposed to get a fourth film. However, due to the studio reorganising, it’s not likely to happen. If anything is going to happen, I predict it won’t be till 2025 at the earliest.

A Little Wild Trailer

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