How M3GAN Compares to Other Creepy Doll Movies

As for whether M3GAN truly did get destroyed, I’ve seen enough films to know robots will find a way to replicate itself.

M3GAN PosterM3GAN is one of those types of movies which mixes up the scary truth in what artificial intelligence can become, especially if given a body to let it move freely. And when looking at what Akela Cooper and Jason Blum have dreamed up, I’m thinking it goes in a different direction than what Terminator and I, Robot offered. Here, the star is a life-like mechanical doll (magnificently and eerily performed by stand-in Amie Donald and vocally by Jenna Davis).

When this next generation object of affection is programmed to protect Cady (Violet McGraw), perhaps Aunt Gemma (Allison Williams) needs to be clearer in what her command line request entails. This young girl survived a car accident which claimed the life of her parents, and this woman doesn’t want to be her legal guardian. The real plot concerns her accepting responsibility after various problems at work and issues from home mount up! She’s a young hotshot at Funki, a toy company based in Seattle, and anyone who gets the reference will no doubt have to laugh.

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Halloween is near and it’s Insidious to Fear this Franchise is Not Continuing

Insidious (2010) - IMDbBy Ed Sum
(The Vintage Tempest)

If there are any more Insidious movies to be made, the producers are not saying. There are whispers of a fifth movie, but how many fans want it? Many believe the saga has run full circle. When considering The Last Key ended at where it started, where it can go will depends on where the story can go next. Lin Shaye gives the character of Elise Rainier credibility to what most real-life paranormal investigators do.

When this series began, we were introduced to a young Dalton Lambert (Ty Simpkins). He is gifted with the ability to walk in a netherworld (known as the Further) unabated. His parents, Josh (Patrick Wilson) and Renai (Rose Byrne), are very scared and believe with this talent, he will lose his way. Spirits populate this realm and none of them are friendly; they spirits wish to feed upon his life energy like a vampire requiring blood.

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