Science Fiction Double Feature Does Not Always Mean Rocky Horror!

Web-page2By Otaku no Culture

E: Out in the wilds of the Yukon, there are many mysteries afoot. Most of the land is wild, fertile, and uninhabited? Perhaps not. Ramshackle Theatre is born from this unbridled territory to give children’s entertainment an interesting look in front of and behind the scenes of a camera. At a show hosted by Intrepid Theatre, James and I were treated to a wonderful shadow puppet display that brings a touch of surrealism to the masses.

They will be performing their next show on April 2, 2016, at the Mermaid Imperial Theatre Performing Arts Centre in Windsor, Nova Scotia. Maybe it’s time to book a trip!

J: Yes, book, book now! This is a very solid family sci-fi production with a nostalgic feel. If you had people from the National Film Board of Canada, Shadowy Men on a Shadowy Planet, Bruce McCulloch and the creators of The Rocky and Bullwinkle Show in a stuck elevator, this is the show they would create to fight boredom. 

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[Victoria, BC] How to do the Nerdy Fringe 2014 Edition

By Ed Sum (The Vintage Tempest)

DV 2007-08 ProgramEvery year, there’s a uniqueness to be found at the Victoria Fringe Festival that will bring out the pop culture enthusiasts when it starts today and runs till August 31st. These theatre productions cater to a smaller crowd than a large one in the scale of Broadway, and they usually cater to niche audiences.

Last year had shows like “An Improvised Quentin Tarantino,” “Geek Life” and “Bing Bang Query: A Dirk Darrow Investigation” to draw me out. Some I’ve reviewed and others I just wanted to sit back and enjoy.

To go further back in time of what I’ve seen: P.I. Darrow proves that he’s “NCSSI (Not [A] Completely Serious Supernatural Investigator).” Although Fringe theatre does not usually support returning acts, it’s really the luck of the random lottery that sees some performers get to play three or four years in a row before fortune favours someone else. I miss seeing the maestro Colin Godbout on the roster since he did some fantastic guitar playing which includes “Music on the Orient Express” (2011). I first discovered him playing all the tunes associated with “Route 66” back in 2010. Those two years were great since it offered the Steampunk inspired “Tara Firm and the Lunar War Chronicles,” rock n’ roll themed “Z-Day: The Anthem for the Post-Zombie Apocalypse,” and the darkly choreographed “Cabinet of Dr. Caligari.” It was those shows which made me become a Fringe addict.

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[Victoria, BC] Family Hijinks At Winterlab!

By Ed Sum (The Vintage Tempest)

INT_winterLab_jpg-194x300Winterlab 2014 is a nearly week-long show in Victoria, BC that is in full swing, with plenty of fun for fans of live theatre. It takes place at the Intrepid Theatre Club, Metro Studio and even a “secret location” to make those cold nights seem warmer with the exercise going on. But to understand more about what this program is all about, all anyone has to do is to ask theatre-goers who are familiar with what Fringe theatre is.

In this case, The most innovative theatre artists from across the Great White North take over spaces both traditional and unconventional with work that will stretch the imaginations, engage the senses and spark conversations. Multi-disciplinary artists from Halifax, Vancouver, Whitehorse and Victoria converge on the city to share amazing live performances and inspire curious artists of all ages to create their own. Puppets, projections, popcorn, parties and spacesuits.

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