[Electric Bungalow] Skullcandy’s Jibber Jabber Headphones

Jibber Jabber

By Ed Sum (The Vintage Tempest)

The sound quality from Skullcandy‘s line of headphones is a mixed bag. While great for certain musical playlists, it’s terrible for others. I recently tried the Jib Wireless, which arrived in stores a few months ago and I was overdue for a replacement. It’s affordable price is perfect but it’s ability to do everything I want is problematical.

The headphone I tried was defective; trying to use it with my phone to communicate with co-writer James Shaw (he does manage to contribute, right?) was met with a terrible buzz upon my attempted phone call. No online information was available about fixing this problem and I returned it to try another, with the same resounding success. When compared to another product from this company, the Smokin’ Buds 2 I sadly lost on a trip, I felt both products have a terrible fit (even with the replacement/alternative caps). I did not mourn the loss and feel I wearing these particular brand of fashion accessories is not worth any amount of money.

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How to Buy Noise Cancelling Headphones for the Budget Conscious


Finding a good set of noise cancelling headphones can be tough. Quite often, you do get what you pay for and I’ve gone though a lot of these over the past 15 years. I found that I’m always upgrading every two or three years. I tried plenty, ranging from ear buds, in-the-ear, over the ear and the like. That list includes Princess Leia style mufflers! But to find that what’s suitable is never ever perfect. There’s even days I feel like a Cyberman because of what I put over my head.

To nail that right pair of speakers to strap on to the sides of my ears or anyone else’s really depends on the shape of each individual’s ears and in how that person perceives sound more so than the latest fashion trends. Yes, I admit it, I still love my TRON inspired KOSS Porta-Pro. The foam needs replacing but for the rest, it has yet to die on me even though my much beloved V-Moda for my iPod Mini (still the best engineered sounding player in my opinion) from 2004 have long since disappeared.

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Gamdias Powers Forth with PC Products

By Ed Sum (The Vintage Tempest)

Gamdias-logo1Gamdias is moreorless a new player in the North American third-party PC accessories scene. The Taiwanese company was founded in 2012, where its products (designer mice, mouse pads and keyboards) were first made available to Asia before branching out to a world-wide market. Had their products been made available for use in a wider spectrum, like for artists (with their mats) and Xbox/ Playstation compatibility (with their headsets), then this company might get a following.

For example, game enthusiasts may well enjoy using this company’s products while playing games like God of War or Halo. With this company’s product line taking their name from the gods of this Mediterranean culture, there’s no denying that there is a coolness factor for fans of classic mythology to take note of.

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