[Electric Bungalow] Skullcandy’s Jibber Jabber Headphones

Jibber Jabber

By Ed Sum (The Vintage Tempest)

The sound quality from Skullcandy‘s line of headphones is a mixed bag. While great for certain musical playlists, it’s terrible for others. I recently tried the Jib Wireless, which arrived in stores a few months ago and I was overdue for a replacement. It’s affordable price is perfect but it’s ability to do everything I want is problematical.

The headphone I tried was defective; trying to use it with my phone to communicate with co-writer James Shaw (he does manage to contribute, right?) was met with a terrible buzz upon my attempted phone call. No online information was available about fixing this problem and I returned it to try another, with the same resounding success. When compared to another product from this company, the Smokin’ Buds 2 I sadly lost on a trip, I felt both products have a terrible fit (even with the replacement/alternative caps). I did not mourn the loss and feel I wearing these particular brand of fashion accessories is not worth any amount of money.

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