Post Gracepoint’s Final (Garage Sale) Send-off & Series Thoughts

Want some collectable from FOX TV’s Gracepoint?


When news hit about Fox TV’s Gracepoint Victoria, BC based team having another sale in town, my suspicions that the program is not going to continue past the first season was only confirmed. Ever since I saw episode two of this murder mystery serial, I had a strong feeling that there will not be long-term interest. My issue was with this show’s pace and use of cinematic modernism to create a compelling tale. When compared to the original Broadchurch program, this American version felt too stretched out and I really did not find the use of incidental music all that effective in drawing me into the narrative. All those sounds was just distracting.

By the third episode, I lost interest in wondering if I could figure out who Danny’s killer was. But if I had to guess in what the animated tastes were of one of the children that was in this show, I found G.I. Joe – Valor Vs. Venomir?t=wiupgeatthmo 20&l=as2&o=1&a=B0002I837W and Spy Troops on DVD as perhaps the most violent of animated titles being sold for cheap. Even a wood boomerang is suspect. If they belonged to Tom, that would suggest he might have a violent streak. For the most part, he acts very sedated. It’s almost like he’s hiding some terrible truth himself.

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Two Weeks in Review at Gracepoint

By Ed Sum (The Vintage Tempest)

fernwood post office

The last two weeks have been very busy for the cast and crew of Gracepoint. The production team reported that two episodes are “done,” and as for what that means next is probably showing it to producers for fine tuning the edit before the show gets broadcasted at the end of the year. And locals will no doubt have fun finding out that nearly most of the city Victoria and its outlying regions (Island View Park in Saanich, a church in North Saanich and bits from the town of Sidney) is going to make up the landscape of the North Californian town of Gracepoint. To see how Fernwood will get stitched in will be fascinating, as this community has its own unique charm of being rustic much like how Oak Bay is.

The middle of last week saw Kevin Zegers and Jack Irvine perform some daytime scenes near Fernwood Square, home to the Cornerstone Cafe, the Belfry Theatre and Stir It Up (my favourite place to hit for Caribbean food).

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Gracepoint Part 3: Returning to Oak Bay for Some Pivotal Night Scenes

By Ed Sum (The Vintage Tempest)

IMG_2731- small

Kevin Zegers quite literally stole the limelight from David Tennant on Monday night’s filming of Gracepoint. As night-time was approaching and this series main stars arriving on set, Mr. Zegers got to show off his character’s all-American charm while waiting for the production team to set up. And people who were across the street hoping to catch glimpses of tonight’s shooting saw him enjoy his time while waiting.

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Filming Update On FOX’s ‘Gracepoint’ February 4 & 5

By Ed Sum (The Vintage Tempest)

The folks at Camara Oscura reported that weather is going to be a hinderance with the shoots happening in Oak Bay. The City of Victoria has been hit with a cold snap, and with snow projected for next week, that can play havoc in the scheduling of any plans to film exterior scenes along Oak Bay Avenue. Over at Otaku no Culture, we wish the cast and crew the best! Let us all hope the weather lifts so production will not be stalled.

[Victoria, BC] Gracepoint Pt 2; Pictures at Clover Point

Photography by Ed Sum (The Vintage Tempest)

When we of Otaku no Culture are able to (and that locations are publicly known), we may head out to check out the current day’s film set activities of FOX TV’s Gracepoint. Although we arrived as crews were wrapping up for one location, a little birdie flew by to give us hints of where filming is happening later that day.

But with other work ahead of us in prep for the Victoria Film Festival (who knows, maybe some of the cast may take in a film to relax after a long day), here is a tease of what roving photographer Eddie found:

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