Two Weeks in Review at Gracepoint

8 Apr

By Ed Sum (The Vintage Tempest)

fernwood post office

The last two weeks have been very busy for the cast and crew of Gracepoint. The production team reported that two episodes are “done,” and as for what that means next is probably showing it to producers for fine tuning the edit before the show gets broadcasted at the end of the year. And locals will no doubt have fun finding out that nearly most of the city Victoria and its outlying regions (Island View Park in Saanich, a church in North Saanich and bits from the town of Sidney) is going to make up the landscape of the North Californian town of Gracepoint. To see how Fernwood will get stitched in will be fascinating, as this community has its own unique charm of being rustic much like how Oak Bay is.

The middle of last week saw Kevin Zegers and Jack Irvine perform some daytime scenes near Fernwood Square, home to the Cornerstone Cafe, the Belfry Theatre and Stir It Up (my favourite place to hit for Caribbean food).

Zegers is proving to be quite the charming fellow in front of the video and photo camera, and does not mind having images of him constantly photographed by this roving photo-reporter of Otaku no Culture. Hopefully we can meet and talk to him at some point. If the problem of having this website’s images disrespectfully used elsewhere did not exist (i.e. no credit was given as to where they came from), all the watermarks placed upon this gallery would then not exist and the pictures can be enjoyed without a full blown copyright notice. But sadly, our hand is being forced by fan sites and feeds who do not understand the meaning of our disclaimer.

We will still follow the scenes as information is made publicly aware, including the Saturday night semi-closure of Oak Bay Avenue where another skateboarding scene was recorded. Anna Gunn and David Tennant were present in what may be another sequence where they are talking about the clues gathered to date. They were following Tom Miller (Jack Irvine), as he skated down Oak Bay Avenue in what may be a dream-like moment down the street.

But if the plot can be guessed at, some revelations are coming to light as the entire street was lit from at least four vantage points. To learn how lighting is done for evening sets had this aspiring image tech more glued to learning how those details work than that of properly learning who’s who in the cast (apologies for the mistakes made in previous versions of this article. Most of which from this article and previous are now fixed).

The two sets of rear lighting (from behind the police cars) and three front facing lights providing illumination a block apart gave the camera crew the illumination they needed to film this night scene. But for a point and shoot photo camera, no aperture stop can be low enough to properly capture some golden moments of the principal characters in Gracepoint together in frame. At least some video was recorded from the vantage point production assistants allowed viewers to watch from. A few screen captures round out what we at Otaku no Culture managed to find.

Unwatermarked higher resolution images might be made available to print publications requesting them for magazine use. See below on this blog for how to contact us.

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  1. chorenn 2014-04-08 at 4:09 pm #

    They filmed at least two days up in Sidney at the police station set last week, on Monday and Tuesday. I seemed to be the only observer around on both days (a family of four came around on the second day, but stayed only for about an hour). One scene was on the Sidney pier, with Mr. Tennant, and another was in the Solano van; beyond those, the rest of the filming was done within the police station.

    • Edohotep 2014-04-08 at 5:23 pm #

      Thanks for the added updates!

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