IMAX Fanfix Gears up for Spider-Man 2 Mondo Poster!

By Ed Sum (The Vintage Tempest)


If the first IMAX 12:01 Amazing Spider-Man poster looked good, then the Fanfix version that will soon be distributed is going to be spectacular! Inspired by the trends that feature film intros have been making lately — to have film credits in the opening sequence blend with the background or become part of the camera shot and disappear as it pans — then this new exclusive for movie-goers going to the very first IMAX screening is certainly going to be a treat.

Part 3D-like in the way Spidey pops out, perhaps a word to describe this style is photo-pop-art-expressionism. The city backdrop is rendered in great detail to perhaps signify a greater meaning. This poster may become much sought after by comic fans and poster collectors alike.

Artist Matt Taylor has certainly created an image where FanFix’s native 13 x 19 inch print size may not do it justice. Some movie poster aficionados desire a 27 x 40 inch print instead. Either way, at least fans will appreciate putting this poster up in a home theater or post-modern art museum.


An interview can be found on IMAX’s blog here to reveal how Taylor crafted this fantastic image (pictured above). It easily puts the 12:01 version to shame. For some people, the Lizard still deserves a proper snout than a homo-sapien like form!


Author: Ed Sum

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