Thoughts on Walking with Dinosaurs Making Land in Victoria, B.C. Sept 19th


When people say to friends that they are going to Walking with Dinosaurs,” the most immediate response from them will no doubt be “Which one?” This year will feature the Arena Spectacular show. Not to be confused with the CGI movie or BBC documentary of the same name, people will most likely find the live show better than the film.

The film was developed to entertain young minds in a style reminiscent of Don Bluth’s Land Before Time.

But for this family fun roaming show, tickets could sell out fast. This show is coming to Victoria, BC Canada on September 18th for four days of roaring fun.

The show begins its North American tour starting July 9th in Cleveland. Other venues that these behemoths will head to can be found listed here before it makes its railroad (or tanker) trip around the continent. It will return to the Pacific Northwest in December with shows in Portland December 10th to 14 and Tacoma on the 17th to 21st.


This travelling exhibit will no doubt show that the dinosaurs will want to rule again. Folks in the know will realize that the same team behind this show may be using the set skeletons from the How to Train Your Dragon show. Reports said it is touring China, but has something happened to reject the monsters and now its resurfaced as dinosaurs instead? If Legendary Picture’s Godzilla becomes a huge hit as many will believe it will become, can anyone imagine an arena spectacular for Toho’s iconic monster? The building would collapse under the weight of the fans than with the mighty big G himself!

More information about the tour can be found here, and tickets go on sale for the Victoria show this Friday, April 11th starting at 11am.


Author: Ed Sum

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