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Final Fantasy Returns to Ivalice in HD on the PlayStation 4

6 Jun

By Shawn Trommeshauser
(Dreaming in Digital)

Final Fantasy XII (FFXII) was originally released in 2006 for the PlayStation 2 and it is one of my favourite entries in the legendary series of role-playing games from Japan. It’s getting an update, titled Final Fantasy XII – The Zodiac Age, and the announcement of its availability on the PlayStation 4 was made today. There are currently no mentions of other consoles or the PC — which is unfortunate — but these days Square Enix has had a good track record of PC support so I would say it’s just a matter of time.

This was the first single player game in the series to truly begin moving away from the style that the classic Final Fantasy titles were known for. This shift has become exceptionally controversial with the newer games in the series, but I feel that this game struck a great balance between the older turn based party combat and more modern action RPGs that allow autonomous party members and dynamic movement in battle. This battle system was further refined and anyone who enjoys Final Fantasy XIV (available on Amazon) would be able to see the foundations laid in FFXII.

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Remembering Final Fantasy VI, an RPG Masterpiece

19 Dec

Otakunoculture welcomes a new member to our staff.
Meet Shawn Trommeshauser. He will be our resident video game guru.

Amano ArtFinal Fantasy VI is one of my all-time favourite games. I was still in high school when it was originally released for the Super Nintendo back in 1994 and I can still remember how wrapped up I was in the story. Back then, the game was known as Final Fantasy III in North America. Most of us didn’t know we were missing half of the games in the series until the internet made that sort of information easy to access. We wouldn’t get official releases of the three missing titles for several more years.

It was one of the defining titles of the 16-bit era and one of the first to show such ambition. Where most RPGs at the time were still focused on traditional Tolkien-style fantasy, Final Fantasy VI gave us a dark and gritty steampunk setting mixed in with the swords and sorcery.

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