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The Next IMAX FANFIX poster will be for Pacific Rim!

24 Jun

By Ed Sum
Pacific-Rim-ImaxThe next IMAX FANFIX print to be released will be for the first screenings of Guillermo del Toro’s Pacific Rim on July 12. And “conscripted” to create this second item of collectible posters is artist Sergio Grisanti. This artist is known for creating the Jaeger posters/card art used at WonderCon. Also, he’s done illustrative work for The Dark Knight Rises and The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey.

The digital image may not do the real item justice. There has to be something unique to make this second print release under the FANFIX banner special. Hopefully the poster is large enough to show a sense of the scale, or destruction being wrought as mech and beast face off in comic-book style explosion of wood and rubble. Del Toro had no set ideas in mind when giving the artist some parameters to work by.

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IMAX’s FANFIX’s Into Darkness variant poster vs Man of Steel

22 May

by Ed Sum

Man of Steel Poster

An IMAX source today confirmed on Facebook that there will not be a FANFIX poster for Superman: Man of Steel. Collectors may feel disappointed but thankfully marketing is not going overboard in making every blockbuster movie event “special.”

Strangely enough, for this Friday, a 2nd variant poster will be made available for people going to see Star Trek: Into Darkness in IMAX 3D. This print will be available to the first 300 people, presumedly after leaving the show. The glow in the dark coating will be a different color to distinguish between the two editions.

Star Trek: Into Darkness and IMAX’s FANFIX program

16 May

by Ed Sum


The IMAX premiere of Star Trek: Into Darkness was a crowd pleaser. Not only were fans treated to a well done movie, mixing some rebel rousing high brow action with a familiar story, but they were treated to a memento, a glow-in-the-dark poster of the Enterprise orbiting the Earth, with a rising sun to signify the final frontier. The painting of a sun and a starry background by artist Mark Englert will glow when the lights go out.

This item may seem gimmicky, but for the people who love merchandise, this collectible will no doubt be numerous and will last until stocks run out. Technically, they were available for people attending the Wednesday night show, and only select theaters are eligible to receive this box of posters to distribute. For the IMAX company, it’s their way of saying thank you for coming out and of introducing IMAX FANFIX™ to the masses. It’s not quite a rewards program, but it is a gesture with good intentions behind it.

These “limited edition” prints may well number roughly 25,000 since enough product has to be printed and shipped to all the participating theaters across North America. Now if they were individually numbered, that would make a difference.

Gone is the IMAX 12:01 program, which saw a distribution of smaller 13.5×19.5 posters last year.