The Next IMAX FANFIX poster will be for Pacific Rim!

Collectors of IMAX FANFIX mini posters now have Pacific Rim added to the collection.

Pacific-Rim-ImaxThe next IMAX FANFIX print to be released will be for the first screenings of Guillermo del Toro’s Pacific Rim on July 12. And “conscripted” to create this second item of collectible posters is artist Sergio Grisanti. This artist is known for creating the Jaeger posters/card art used at WonderCon. Also, he’s done illustrative work for The Dark Knight Rises and The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey.

The digital image may not do the real item justice. There has to be something unique to make this second print release under the FANFIX banner special. Hopefully the poster is large enough to show a sense of the scale, or destruction being wrought as mech and beast face off in comic-book style explosion of wood and rubble. Del Toro had no set ideas in mind when giving the artist some parameters to work by.

And hopefully this print is just as large as Star Trek’s Into Darkness FANFIX poster. While that one glowed in the dark, just where will this next piece go? No detail has been given as to this item’s size. As for who these characters are, only the fans following the information being spilled will know. Those not inclined to hear spoiler information can stop here.

The Jaeger’s are massive mechs that the pilots are neurally interfaced with, and one of them, known as the Gypsey Danger is facing off against a Leatherback beast in this print. The colors of the monster make a bold contrast against the cold steel of the mech. But for those people who have been looking up information about where del Toro is going with this movie, some ideas sounds like they may be taken from Evangelion. The ‘bots were made to combat a growing threat from the sea. The monsters are emerging from a portal from somewhere deep in the ocean. If these beasts are numerous, maybe they will have names akin to many a classic monster of filmland.

Author: Ed Sum

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