DreamWorks DinoTrux Returns for a New Season!

Dinotrux_posterBy Ed Sum (The Vintage Toy Tempest)

Dinotrux is a fun animated series about construction vehicles which somewhat look like reptoids from the imagination of Chris Gall. They live in the biomechanical Mechazoic age and build structures which could explain the origins of places like Stonehenge. New episodes were released March 11, 2016, on Netflix.

Continuing where the last season left off, D-Structs (voiced by Paul Dobson) is exiled from the valley through no fault of his own. He’s the antagonist of the series. In the premiere episode of season two,”New Tail,” he is desperately in need for a new stinger. Before, he had a spiked wrecking ball to bash fellow dino-mechanoids around. Now, he has none. No longer seen as a threat, he still wants to make life miserable for Ty Rux (Andrew Francis) and the dino-mechs who made the Flatirons their home. One reptool, Skrap-It (Skrap), remains loyal to this bully and just why he continues to take the abuse is a mystery. He helps this villain gain a new tail.

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Can DreamWorks’ DinoTrux Build a New Franchising Opportunity? A Review & Analysis

Dinotrux_posterBy Ed Sum (The Vintage Toy Tempest)

Anyone who loves dinosaurs, monster trucks and demolition derbies should find DreamWorks’ DinoTrux on Netflix amusing. It’s made for children who do not stick firecrackers under their Hot Wheels. Well, if they did, the product would be a touch more violent. Instead, this series focuses on team building exercises and how to get along. The producers are certainly on the right track to focus in on looking at how diverse talents can gather their resources together to get a job done. In the world of construction, that’s especially important.

In a strange way, if this world actually existed, these sentient mechanical creatures most likely helped build neolithic wonders like Stonehenge. In the Mechazoic period that they live in, these robots live a simple life. Transformers fans might wonder if these creatures might predate the coming age of Cybertron. The idea is very probable, but for creator Chris Gall who authored the children’s books of the same name, that’s most likely not what he had in mind.

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