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How to Transition from TV to Theatres with Dragons! Analysis & Movie Review

15 Jun

By Ed Sum (The Vintage Tempest)

1 hiccup

Avid How to Train Your Dragon fans following the animated television series Dragons: Riders / Defenders of Berk will find lots to love in its big-screen sequel to the first film.

This movie takes a few cues from the original film and television series to give a worthy product that exceeds the expectations of what a “next chapter” should entail. Instead of rehashing ideas, this movie continues forward with an all new narrative where Hiccup (voiced by Jay Baruchel) wants a better purpose in life. He wishes to expand what he knows of the archipelago frontier while everyone else seems happy at home in Berk. Both its citizens — humans and dragons — are content with living together. The dragons are now living in their forever home.

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A How to Train Your Dragon 2 Merchandise Update

9 Jun

By Trader Johann (Trader at Large)


How to Train Your Dragon fans will soon be inundated with merchandise from various fronts. Lucky AMC theater goers who attend a special screening Jun 12 (and who may have to be part of the AMC Stubs program) will get a commemorative dragon pin. Over on Walmart.com, there is a ZinePak exclusive for people buying the soundtrack — it comes with a nifty looking Nightfury patch. Topps also will have trading cards ready for some outlets to carry, but the list does not end there.

The real good stuff has to belong to the two books (one now available) that Cressida Cowell, original author and creator of this exciting series, has penned. These books expand her literary HTTYD universe with The Complete Book of Dragons: A Guide to Dragon Species (How to Train Your Dragon)ir?t=wiupgeatthmo 20&l=as2&o=1&a=0316244104 and How To Train Your Dragon: Incomplete Book of Dragons.

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Not Pleased with Dreamworks: Dragons move to Netflix

29 May

By Ed Sum (The Vintage Tempest)


An all new broadcast direction will be in store for Hiccup and gang in DreamWorks’ Dragons. New seasons will be “exclusively” broadcast on Netflix when the series returns in Spring 2015. No explanation was given for the change and not everyone subscribes to Netflix. Mixed feelings will no doubt spread when children are tuning in find their dragons are not offered on regular channels anymore. Hopefully the executives at Cartoon Network are smart enough to hold on to what they can broadcast: Series One: Riders of Berk and Series Two: Defenders of Berk.

People who are not interested in buying into the Netflix model will be left waiting for the DVDs (if that’s still going to happen) to release months after the end of season to get their Toothless fix. Just what kind of hold Netflix has with DreamWork’s best franchise is no doubt being kept secret much like in how Drago Bludvist, the villain in the upcoming movie, plots to use the dragons he captures against the free city of Berk. He also aspires to take over the world.

Fans will at least have Cressida Cowell’s original booksir?t=wiupgeatthmo 20&l=as2&o=1&a=0316085278 to read and the comic books by Titan Publishing to keep their appetite sated. Toothless will most likely approve.

However, tasteless is the better word for a ‘global’ decision to limit who can continue watching this series. Thankfully, no country is being prevented from subscribing into Netflix.


Thoughts on the Third New Trailer for How to Train Your Dragon 2!

11 Apr

By Ed Sum (The Vintage Tempest)

How to Train Your Dragon 2 Poster

If the third new trailer for How to Train Your Dragon 2 is any indication, Hiccup is going to have his hands full with one big reunion taking place. Not only will he find his mother, Valkawho somehow became missing over the years (instead of going on a quest, that the novels by Cressida Cowell said), but also an old enemy may also return if it is to tie-in with the television series.

Alvin the Treacherous made peace with Berk and if he makes a brief appearance in the film, that would be wonderful. It’s unlikely Hiccup’s immediate and adopted family will be enough to thwart the coming invasion. Not even his mom’s dragon army may prove enough.

Also, Dagur the Deranged must return somehow, perhaps as an associate of Drago, who leads an army of Dragon Hunters. Dagur was last seen in the television series humiliating defeat and heard vowing he will come back. Could the two be related? The names are similar enough to make this hypothesis.

And as the trailer indicates, Drago has an army and in order for Hiccup to defeat them, he will no doubt need to have his entire family — not just dragons — united to keep the peace in Berk. That will no doubt pave way for him to become king next, whether he likes it or not.

How to Betray a Dragon’s Hero: An Analysis and Book Review

24 Nov

By Ed Sum (The Vintage Tempest)


The last four novels in the How to Train Your Dragon series may well form a tetralogy. Although the last volume is not being penned yet, the second to last volume, How to Betray a Dragon’s Hero is proving to be the turning point of Hiccup Horrendous Haddock III’s final adventure.

Cressida Cowell has crafted a fun and exciting world that ranks right up there with Harry Potter. When nothing new will be coming for the magical realm anytime soon, readers can enjoy the fascinating world of dragons that this author has crafted.

From book one to number eleven, readers get introduced to a wide menagerie of beasts. But for the story, everyone knows Hiccup will be King. He says so in the first volume. But to see how he became king, that’s part of the ride readers will enjoy discovering in his journey to become a respected leader.

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