Celebrating 25 Years of Cowboy Bebop. Complete Soundtrack Coming Soon to Vinyl and Everything You’ll Want to Know

To bring the anniversary of Cowboy Bebop to a close, coming Dec 13, 2023 is the vinyl release of the complete soundtrack of the series (in all its forms)!

Cowboy Bebop LP Box SetPress Release

The original anime Cowboy Bebop, directed by Shinichiro Watanabe, was broadcast on TV in 1998. Its stylish visuals left a profound impact on viewers, transcending the boundaries of anime and inspiring numerous fans. The anime TV series achieved immense popularity, not only domestically but also internationally. It was subsequently adapted into a theatrical version and even a live-action series on Netflix.

Notably, the music composed by Yoko Kanno, which accompanied the visuals, gained significant recognition. The soundtrack’s first volume, titled “COWBOY BEBOP,” included the iconic opening theme “Tank!” and achieved tremendous success. It was awarded the 13th Japan Gold Disc Award for Animation Album of the Year. The music’s versatility spanned genres from jazz, rock, and French pop to house music. Additionally, the renowned jazz engineer from Blue Note Records’ golden era, Rudy Van Gelder, contributed to the production, further elevating its reputation beyond the confines of anime music both domestically and internationally.

Addendum: Tim Jensen helped co-write the lyrics to at least ten songs, which includes, “Blue,” “Words That We Couldn’t Say,” and
“Ask DNA (sung by Raj Ramayya).

Now, an 11-disc box set, encompassing all 7 albums and maxi-singles of the Cowboy Bebop soundtrack, is set to be released on December 13, 2023. Encased in a deluxe box, each title’s jacket will sport its original design. The artwork, which received high praise at the time of the CD releases, will now come in LP size, a tantalizing prospect for collectors.

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