Hopes and Dreams for where DC’s Legends of Tomorrow Should Go

In regards to where season one of Legends of Tomorrow is going, the writers are building upon what Savage is doing throughout time in his attempts to destroy the Earth.

Legends of Tomorrow TItle CardThe episodes building up to DC’s Legends of Tomorrow on the CW are far more entertaining than the pilot premiere — to which only part one aired. The network should have paired the episodes from Arrow and The Flash along with the two episodes comprising the pilot together in a four-hour extravaganza instead of having parts one and two spread a week apart.

Sadly, as with any new program, a part of the show needs to be dedicated to getting newcomers up to speed about the heroes gathered by time-traveller Rip Hunter. Arthur Darvill is certainly having fun playing a serious but over zealous officer of a police force guarding the time stream. He argues to the Time Master Council (they have a rule of non-interference in the natural course of events in the galaxy) must intercede to prevent despots like Caesar taken out earlier in life instead of later. Vandal Savage has completely taken over Earth and is killing innocents as he firms his rule. Anyone coming into this series without watching the other two super-hero shows will still get to see that he is worse than Hitler.

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