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You’re a Dreamscaper! Nintendo Switch Review

29 Aug

Dreamscaper for Nintendo Switch - Nintendo Game DetailsBy Ed Sum
(The Vintage Tempest)

Now Available for the Nintendo Switch and also available on the PC (Steam)

Sometimes it’s impossible to alter the course of a dream. The reason is in the fact there’s something in the waking world that’s causing that sleeping element to be steadfast, but when you can conquer it, more power to you! Fortunately, there is more control in Afterburner StudiosDreamscaper which is now available for the Nintendo Switch. The avatar is not necessarily yourself. Instead, you’re this young woman, Cassidy, facing challenges in the waking and sleeping worlds.

More often than not, you’re in battles in the Dreamscape rather than engage in conversation with a talking cow. Thankfully, you’re dealing with people than animals. Along the way, you earn a form of currency to gain power ups in that sleeping world. In the early part of the game, they don’t come up fast enough and nor can you spend real money to get ahead faster. I like this aspect of the game’s design because it forces players to be skilled in combat. Dodging swings of the blade and spitballs of energy must become second nature to last longer in the realm of dreams. As you navigate the cells in this realm, a few narrative beats will reveal itself.

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