Just How Good is The Orion by Up-Switch?

The Orion by Up-Switch is a step in the right direction, but we recommend waiting for a version two to deal with some minor issues.

Orion by Up-SwitchThe Orion by Up-Switch is a casual gamer’s upgrade. It is exactly what I need when I’m finding I need the text on those RPGs I like to play magnified and although I missed the crowdfunding campaign, I’m glad it’s made it to market. I should’ve come with some extra accessories though, like a screen protector for the Nintendo Switch. I’m very worried the device’s display might get scuffed when put into this ultra-sized screen extender. There’s no padding to ensure that the investment won’t get damaged.

As much as I like this product, the only issue I’m finding is that the makers recommend their own branded external power bank for use. As long as other third party units meet the requirement (10,000mAh), any other power supply will do. At home, the company recommends using the cube that comes with the Switch, and that’s one I agree must be used. I tried other power adapters, and they don’t work as nicely.

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Kickstarting a New TStand for Tablet Users

With the Tstand 2, those folks who are bed-ridden in hospitals don’t have to be completely bored and glued to what these facilities offer. They can have their own private platform to do work on or watch videos.

TStandBy Ed Sum
(The Vintage Tempest)

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If tablet users are like me, are laying down on a futon to surf the web, watch a YouTube video or two before bedtime (even though sleep doctors advise against it), then the tstand is the perfect accessory. Instead of an adjustable metal arm mounted on a table by the bed with the device held to it (you have to adjust the whole thing for the ideal distance), this one simply sits on your chest and is ready to go.

Version two is being crowdfunded and has already hit eight times its goal! This product is designed to be fully adjustable, fit all tablets, be light and portable and even more ergonomic. In the case of users, the most important is to rest comfortably on mid-chest and not feel like a brick. Larger tablets, especially when in a case, can feel like a brick. In this design, it can go from the lay down use to resting on a desk for regular usage.

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