Ghostbusters: Frozen Empire – How Cold Can It Get In NYC?

Although this teaser trailer to Ghostbusters: Frozen Empire is meant to be just that, the hints it offers suggests that unless the team can put the heat back, Manhatten is the last place to experience the next Ice Age!

Ghostbusters Frozen Empire Movie PosterThe largest takeaway from the teaser trailer of Ghostbusters: Frozen Empire is that something from the Arctic is coming to invade New York! Just what that isn’t the return of the Titanic. That boat isn’t in the running because of what the first film alluded to, so those spirits are probably at peace. And I doubt there’s a malicious force wanting to claim what’s lost decades ago, since it wouldn’t make sense for a continuation.

Instead of simply offering a trailer breakdown, what I offer are my theories on what this fourth film might be about. The ice theme is everywhere, and it might allude to one historical incident from long ago concerning lost sailors. Since the threat is coming from the sea, that must mean someone there is eying the invading New York. According to the official synopsis, “When the discovery of an ancient artefact unleashes an evil force, Ghostbusters new and old must join forces to protect their home and save the world from a second Ice Age.”

I have to wonder if that item ties in to some historical event that has led to some oceanic creature awakening and deciding it wants its relic back?

Ghostbusters New Team with Rudd


I hope this movie is about the lost Franklin expedition; some evil has twisted them, and what they want is much worse than bringing another cold spell to New York. The reason behind my theory is in the narration–It’s a sweltering July, and without warning, a huge storm cloud arrives, bringing ice and perhaps cold temperatures to all of Manhattan!

Ray Stanz (Dan Aykroyd) also offers this chilling reveal, “The death chill; power to kill by fear itself. Your veins become rivers of ice. The last thing you see is your own tear ducts freezing up.” Hopefully this actor will get a lot more screen time because without him, there really isn’t much of a presence regarding the original team!

His description is something I fully expect anyone lost in the vast arctic to experience. It’s a painful way to die, and some of the scariest stories from history come from those who’ve found themselves frozen to death. There’s been various cases ranging from those who’ve climbed the highest mountains and others navigating through the passage above North America. Amusingly, this film is slated to be released at the tail end of Winter, and as for whether that’s intentional, only Sony can tell.

A Frozen Firehouse

Another important takeaway is the emphasis on the containment system in Ghostbusters HQ. It looks ready to burst at the seams. With Walter Peck returning, I can’t wait to see how he’ll be involved. He’s been a thorn in the team’s past, and as for him’ll stay the same or be different, I’m sure some character development will be offered in this fourth film!

But as for who the big baddie is, I suspect the female shadowy form is a wendigo type of figure. Maybe she’s related to the others by some quirk of fate, for continuity’s sake, but until we get more information, all I offer is my best guess since I’ve followed most of the series from all its animated and official releases. I even have several versions of Tobin’s Spirit Guide at my disposal. As much as I’d love to have the Italian-made version, it wasn’t in my budget.

A proper trailer will most likely drop by the end of December. By then, fans will get more information regarding what this macguffin is, and why it’s important. I suspect this film might go on a nautical theme when considering the number of water and ice images used. There aren’t many fog effects used, but I suspect as we get closer to release, we’ll see more challenges for the team as they navigate a cold world to save the city from the terror that lays ahead.

Ghostbusters: Frozen Empire Teaser Trailer

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