Guest Line Up for Fan Expo Vancouver 2024 Announced!

Let the first round of announcement begins. This week are media guests slated to appear at Fan Expo Vancouver 2024 and next will be voice over talent !

Fan Expo VancouverIn the first week of November, the organisers of Fan Expo Vancouver 2024 announced their first line up of guests, and it’s a doozy! Not only will attendees get to meet up with two members from Charmed, but also they can get Mythbusted! That is, attendees can get to meet Holly Marie Combs and Rose McGowan, and also Adam Savage! But they’re not the only big names who will be coming to town! I suspect there’ll be at least a dozen names who will grace Terminal City late winter, and so far, the lineup looks great!

Fan Expo Vancouver Adam Savage

But the big kahuna that we all love (no, it’s not The Rock), Danny Trejo, is coming to town! This beloved character actor is a favourite of mine not only because of Spy Kids but also his dedication to the independent film world. I’m thinking about his appearance in Bullets of Justice. (movie review link) I love the fact he’s the people’s champion since he comes from a rough and tumble background, and found success to keep him away from trouble!

Also, for fans of Daredevil, Charlie Cox and Vincent D’Onofrio will be together again to talk about their work on the Netflix series. While he’s better known to sling a staff, will there be webs afoot too? I mostly know about this superhero’s antics through the Spider-Man crossover comics, and as for whether it’s possible to get someone from Sony to talk about crossover potentials between Netflix to Hollywood-made, I’m holding out hope!

To keep up with the latest announcements and last minute cancellations (it’s inevitable), please visit Fan Expo Vancouver 2024’s Facebook page or Twitter. Or stay tuned as we offer updates too, and offer some personal thoughts as to whom we’re excited to see come February BC Family Day Long Weekend (Feb 19)!

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