When an Endless Summer Sets a New Tone for the Cartoon World of Dungeons and Dragons

Hopefully, more stories are being planned to feature heroes from the Dungeons and Dragons cartoon. Endless Summer is teasing at a grander story arc!

Dungeons and Dragons Endless Summer Comic Book CoverAlthough Summer is over in the real world, IDW Publishing’s continuing the adventures of the six teenage heroes and a unicorn with another Saturday Morning Cartoons comic in a one shot titled, “Endless Summer.” It shows the team finally taking R&R from all the questing they’ve done since arriving in this world of Dungeons and Dragons–otherwise known as “The Realm.”

Back when this animation was being broadcast, the writers rarely gave viewers a sense of how long they’ve been here. In two episodes, a week has passed on Earth whereas in the fantasy realm, more time has elapsed. Fans know this because of the episode, “City at the Edge of Midnight,” and when they come home is foretold in “The Girl of Dreamed of Tomorrow.”

And as for when “Endless Summer” takes place, I guess it’s before the latter episode. After freeing themselves from underneath some ruins and meeting Dungeon Master again, the group is tasked to deliver some goods and for once, they say no. That’s because Bobby is crying over how their Summer got ruined since being teleported to the world of Dungeons and Dragons. The entire team wants a break from searching for a way home and being delivery people for the little gnome.

DnD Page one of Endless Summer

As a result, he agrees to let them take a break and mentions a nearby lake to visit. But true to form, no D&D moment can be that without some threat, and the adventurers have to face danger! Here, writer David M. Booher delivers a concept where Tiamat may well be important in upcoming narratives! It’s about time the five-headed terror makes an appearance, and her involvement is better than the cartoon’s. Without ruining the plot of this one-shot, her motivations may well hint at a potential larger story arc to the hopefully continuing comic book series.

Also, Jack Lawrence‘s artwork calls back to the style that defines the animated work. His simpler design (when compared to the other release) is a lot more pleasing to the eye. Also, I particularly liked how he draws Eric when he’s getting all buffoonish. And as for seeing them out of costume is a welcome change. It’s rare for a cartoon to depict the heroes sporting different outfits throughout a series.

Hopefully, the narrative points introduced here will be revisited. Because this latest issue sees the changing of the seasons, a holiday issue may well be in the works. I’d love to see them fight a frost giant again!

Author: Ed Sum

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