Love Retrogames and Dungeon-Crawls? Quest Master is Coming Soon!

Traditional pen and paper Dungeon Masters who want to craft in the videogame front will soon have Quest Master to challenge gamers!

Quest Master Promo CardDemo Available on Steam

After its debut at Steam Next Fest, Quest Master, is now available as a demo  to play! This dungeon-designing sandbox fantasy adventure from publisher Apogee Entertainment and developer Skydevilpalm grants adventurers the keys to craft custom dungeons, and much more. To unleash this demo to the public is so far very addicting and different from other games of the past era. To be able to be Dungeon Master says it all!

It also has a lot of retro style sound design and digital aesthetics that fans of Wild Arms and also Zelda are familiar with!

A full release is scheduled for Autumn, and it will also be available for the Nintendo Switch at the same time.

From the Press Release:  

Behold! The Legend of…whatever your heart desires! Design intricate dungeons in an easy-to-use, drag-and-drop user interface, and fill a blank canvas full of monsters, obstacles and puzzles with dozens of placeable tiles across a variety of biomes. With dozens of tiles to choose from, design skill-testing dungeon crawl experiences jam-packed with enemies, brain-teasing puzzles and labyrinths, or a mini-adventure with narrative stories via placeable signs and NPCs.

Brave the journey across user-created grassy knolls and into underground lava-filled caverns with sword and shield in hand, and wield magical items and abilities to keep bothersome bats, sneaky snakes and spooky skeletons at bay. 

Guide progression with locking doors, flaming traps, timed switches, and breakable walls that open with a well-placed bomb, or place bodies of water that can only be crossed with flippers. Check out premade dungeons created by the developers, or the tutorial for an easy how-to creator’s guide.

To learn more about questmater, and stay up to date, please follow @PlayQuestMaster and @Apogee_Ent on Twitter or join the Discord servers.

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