Aiobahn and yanaginagi is on Fire with Re: Searchlight Single!

EDM DJ Producer, Aiobahn partnered up with singer-songwriter yanaginagi to produce the latest hit that’s sure to hit clubs worldwide!

Aiobahn Music Producer Art StillLast week, Aiobahn, released RE: SEARCHLIGHT online and the music video is simply adorable! This song features singer-songwriter yanaginagi and is a major label release in Japan. Also, Wataru Uekusa is that animator behind this work. Hopefully a subtitled version will be coming, so fans world wide can enjoy the meaning behind this work.

Last month, this talent also released INTERNET YAMERO (March 17), and it received over 6.4 million views on YouTube within a month of its launch, and number of subscribers to his YouTube channel increased by 30,000 in a month.

About Aiobahn

Aiobahn Art Bio StillAiobahn is a maverick electronic music producer that fascinates Otakus and TOP DJs around the world. He has been connected to the Japanese subculture scene with creativity that crosses genres and established the “Aiobahn” sound that people would notice once they heard. After actively releasing songs, he participated in the soundtrack of the video game

“NEEDY GIRL OVERDOSE,” which has been a global hit. Its theme song, “INTERNET OVERDOSE,” reached over 11.46 million views on YouTube. As a producer, he has created many hit songs.

On the other hand, even in the dance music scene in the West, Aiobahn’s original sound has gained a high reputation. His music has been played by many world’s top DJs such as the Dutch DJ/producers Martin Garrix and Tiesto, who have ranked No.1 in the world’s DJ ranking, and Afrojack. Releasing original songs from big-name labels such as “STMPD” and “Monstercat”, he is truly the one-and-only producer that travels back and forth from Japanese subculture scene to the mainstream Western dance music.

With his roots in electronic dance music, he crosses the boundaries between subculture and POP, physical to digital, and continues to achieve further breakthroughs.

For more information, please visit their official Instagram, Twitter, or YouTube page.

About yanaginagi

yanaginagi promotional image still

yanaginagi is a Japanese singer/songwriter from Kansai, Japan. She tries to make the whims of our daily life, fill with nostalgia, for example like the music at a scene of a fairy tale. From 2009, she was invited by the entertainment unit supercell to become their guest vocalist named “nagi.”

In 2011, a special project named「Jun Maeda×yanaginagi」began. This talent made her solo debut with her first single “Vidro Moyou ” released on February 29, 2012. Her delicate and unforgettable voice once heard will open up your mind to a new world supported by impressive music.

For more information, please visit their Facebook, Twitter, or YouTube page.

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