BRATS Spiderweb and Shibuya News

BRATS latest music video, “Spiderweb” is now out and we got news of their next performance!

NAQT VANE’s “Break Free” is Now in English!

There are doubtless many out there who can relate to a group like NAQT VANE, and this feels like the start of a whole new movement – keep your expectations high as they embark on a truly special career.

Boom Boom Back Music Video Shows BE:FIRST is Ready to Track!

‘Boom Boom Back’ has already been shared and published by local dancers and choreographers in the lead up to the actual single release date, creating a wave of mystery and excitement to all BESTYs (BE:FIRST fans) who wondered if this was the group’s latest single.

Inu-Oh is Swoon Worthy Hellraiser and a Lot More at Fantasia 2022

Inu-oh was neglected much of his life, and to see how he survives makes for a great story.

FEMM’s Tokyo Ex Machina ‘We Got Each Other’ Released!

FEMM has a new album! Tokyo Ex Machina was released a few days ago and the music video ‘We Got Each Other’ went online to show just how fun loving these two girls are–and why being in a relationship doesn’t always have to matter. RiRi and LuLa just wanna have fun in classic Cyndi Lauper … Continue reading “FEMM’s Tokyo Ex Machina ‘We Got Each Other’ Released!”

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