Unboxing Spin Master Black Adam Action Figures!

Spin Master Black Adam toy line might see a second wave of products, but no confirmation has been made.

Spin Master Black AdamMerchandise for the Black Adam movie is nearly everywhere these days, and that’s mostly due to the huge push to make this film succeed. Say what you will if it is tanking or not, but the fans love it! I firmly believe it’s a fun movie to watch for the wrestling fan. As for the comic book enthusiast, my movie review says it all, and it won’t stop me from wanting to own any Spin Master Black Adam product that comes my way. I went out of my way to collect everything How to Train Your Dragon from this company when that was hot!

This new toy figure line comes in different sizes, and I got to take a look at the 12″ collection! There’s more products to be found at the toy store, but in the meantime, I have this unboxing video and a commercial demonstrating the Power Punch edition in action.

For more information about the toy line, please read our post announcing its release here:

Black Adam Action Figures. Is it Lighting in a Bottle for Spin Master?

Spin Master Black Adam Power Punch Edition Toy Commercial

In conclusion, I firmly believe that Warner Bros can make back its money through merchandising and the eventual home video release. All the home video release has to do is include a bevy of extra content which talks about this character’s long history. Perhaps even better, let’s include a tie-in with the comic books released which provide more back story to each hero and antihero involved! It doesn’t take rocket science to know that connecting the dots is important.

Thanks must be given to Spin Master Toys for this early holiday gift! My video sums up who will be satisfied with this collection. This product can be found on Amazon USA to purchase or at a toy store near you.

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