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The Easter eggs contained in Unusual Findings are perfect! The 16-bit iconic posters, art, or something of the era are lovingly rendered.

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Epic Llama GamesUnusual Findings is a loving tribute to all things’ 80s, and this video game also shows what Netflix’s Stranger Things would be like had it been one. Here, you play as a group of boys (based on how far I got with the game, no girls join in) as they explore their town while looking for answers to a possible UFO crash nearby.

Even the soundtrack is similar. Thankfully, I’m sure no one is going to send lawyers after this developer. Also, I don’t think what’s composed here can be authentically recreated. The Commodore 64’s SID chip rivals some modern synths, but to do what this video game does requires some level of authenticity.

Much of the gameplay is determined by a simple point and click interface. A round option menu appears when you press the interact button. You can look at or blow on the item being stared at. Also, if you miss one part of the conversation, it won’t impede getting to the end. They provide clues on how to solve puzzles. It’ll also help hone a player’s logic and critical thinking skills.

This dialogue heavy game takes more than a night to finish. assuming there are no mistakes. Also, the length is equal to about six or seven episodes had it been a television series.

Not only do we get terrific performances of the talents voicing this game, but also, we have speed controls for the text. I’m glad we can hear instead of reading about what’s going on, otherwise I’d be very bored fast. Reading subtitles in an old video game is not everyone’s cup of tea. When those products of the time didn’t have the storage capacity to store all the audio files, that’s when I’m thankful for retro style nods. We have better storage capacity to make these games look better now than back then.


Also, the Easter eggs are also perfect! There are tons of 16-bit renders of iconic posters, art, or something of the era. It’s nostalgia laden, and it only proves why the 80s are so beloved. That’s because of the music, films and fashion, and to see them redesigned in that block art glory spoke to me. Three decades later, we can look fondly back, and with E.T. The Extraterrestrial is celebrating its 40th anniversary this month, this release coming out at the same time couldn’t be any better!

Unusual Findings Official Release Trailer

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