NAQT VANE’s Breezy Debut! “Break Free” Music Video in Japan and American Release

NAQT VANE is a new music project by Hiroyuki Sawano and Harukaze, and they have a music video!

NAQT VANEOn September 1st, Attack on Titan and Kingdom composer Hiroyuki Sawano launched a new music project, titled NAQT VANE, with vocalist Harukaze! Their debut single ‘Break Free’ is now out and the music video is nothing short of breathless.

In addition to the digital single, there’s a music video (see below) to view, and it’s produced for everyone living in the era of the wind. The press release describes it as, “A flexible world of freedom and diversity with a lifestyle unbound by material things. NAQT VANE began activities with the intention of “breathing a new wind into each story and finding a place of our own”. The team consists of vocalist Harukaze, who has built a following on TikTok and YouTube, along with overall production by Hiroyuki Sawano and artwork by Classic 6.”

Harukaze spent her school days in Canada and the United States, and after returning to Japan, began her career as an A&R rep for a major record company. During this time, she also performed as a singer-songwriter, but upon meeting SAWANO, she decided to refocus on her original dream of becoming a successful singer, shifting course to pursue her music career more seriously.

Sawano has built a varied career as a globally celebrated music producer and songwriter, providing compositions for music artists, TV shows, anime and movies. As part of NAQT VANE, Sawano will create music not for a medium like TV, anime or film, but simply express himself as an artist, while also taking on the role of overall producer for the first time. In many ways, this is just the starting line for Sawano, too.

Art group Classic 6 work with graphic design, video and venue production, crossing genres such as fashion, art and music. NAQT VANE will be Classic 6’s first time to participate from the very foundation of a group, a chance to explore new creative opportunities.

NAQT VANE – ‘Break Free’ music video:

Their debut single ‘Break Free’ is based on the themes of “a new self” and “liberation”, a song for all those who have broken out of their shell to challenge themselves. Harukaze’s powerful singing technique and heart-grabbing voice combine with Sawano unmistakable sound to create a world that will captivate all those who hear it. The unmissable music video by Classic 6 expands on this unique world to truly stir the imagination.

Overall producer Sawano recently composed the song ‘Tot Musica’ performed by Ado for the movie ‘ONE PIECE FILM RED’. He has numerous fans across North America, Europe and Asia thanks to his work on many celebrated anime productions, and in 2019 he delivered a successful solo performance at the Mercedes-Benz Arena in Shanghai, indicating his commitment to the global stage. Vocalist Harukaze is also fluent in English, so it seems likely that the group will set their sights on touring in various regions around the world.

An English-language version of ‘Break Free’ will be released on September 30. 

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