Summer Vacation Isn’t Over Yet with LEGO Star Wars’ Latest

If there’s more LEGO Star Wars specials to come, I’m all for it.

LEGO Star Wars Summer VacationAvailable to view on Disney Plus

There are times where the LEGO Star Wars story offers more of a continuation of the new trilogy story than simply be a comical side story adventure. The Holiday Special and Summer Vacation “one-off’s” are a non-canonical look at Ray, Finn and Poe’s life after Rise of Skywalker. They look at how Finn is furthering his Jedi training. While the former deals with him actually honing his skills, the latter sees them taking a break–and affirming that he will one day be a fully pledged warrior of the resistance!

The latest released early this month, and honestly, even though Sept is near, we have about three weeks of this season left!

In the first in the series, Ray was having difficulty in mentoring the former stormtrooper and in the latter, Finn is struggling with understanding what togetherness means. He’s arranged a vacation for the gang–complete with itinerary–to enjoy on the cruise liner, the Halcyon. However, once on board, they split up to find activities to personally enjoy.

Distraught, he spends time at the bar with himself. Pretty soon, Force Ghosts appear to offer an amusing story on how to loosen up or enjoy life. There’s a word of wisdom embedded in each tale. The best one has to be with The Emperor. It’s tough to picture this guy on vacation. His standoffish and childish gimme attitude is nothing like the real one, who is more cold and calculating. He’s a spoiled brat in every sense of the word, and his lackie is Vader. This double act doesn’t get tiring, and it’s good to see the Dark Lord of the Sith take charge for once.

In what makes this segment particularly amusing is that Wierd Al Yankovic has a role in the series now. He plays a Vic Vankoh, a musician and perhaps a beach bum.

Although Finn will have to learn from the ghosts of heroes past, the fact we see both sides of the Anakin persona makes this tale stand out. I had to chuckle that Finn broke the fourth wall and made the realisation that Annie and Vader are one in the same.

As for Kenobi, I’m sure we’ve all met someone who just doesn’t know how to have fun. Kenobi’s tale is perhaps the next best segment, and I just don’t think the tale concerning Ben Solo before he became Kylo is just as memorable. He honestly needs a series of his own to flesh out his beginnings and transition to the dark side. If there’s more LEGO Star Wars specials to come, I’m all for it.

LEGO Star Wars Shows Summer Vacation is Still On Trailer

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