Kokoro Clover is a Cute Homage to 90s Cartoons in Video Game Format, But….

Although there are other options to keep me engaged with Kokoro Clover, I didn’t find them all terribly exciting.

Kokoro CloverAvailable for Nintendo Switch and Steam

Kokoro Clover is more than a video game. The developers also designed it to resemble a Saturday morning cartoon series, where each level is resembles an episode. If the full title–Kokoro Clover Season One–is telling, we may see another game to be released in a year’s time, but I suspect we’ll only get one.

This product is for fans of the magical girl genre. Phoenixx Inc. created a cute enough product, but ultimately, if you can’t get into the story, then finishing it is difficult. That was the problem I faced, since the tale is nothing like those series I adored from long ago.

I was curious because of a few mecha designs straight out of Samurai Pizza Cats, but that faded away when it became more like Sailor Moon than Slayers.

KOKORO CLOVER Season 1 | ゲーム | アクションゲームツクールMV

The introduction shows Valx’s attempt to steal the Kokoro Clover (a gem). But after his crime gets foiled, where it lands is another world where Treffy lives. She’s your typical teenager in the same vein as the aforementioned series. And when she learns about the jewel, it’s up to her and her friends to save the day.

Somebody must’ve been lazy in porting the Japanese game over. Instead of replacing all the original text, much of the English dialogue is presented as subtitles. Since I’m playing them on the Switch screen instead of the television, the size of these fonts are awfully tiny. These lengthy bits of dialogue can be sped up, but after a while, I gave up on wanting to know the story and just wanted to get to the gameplay.

Kokoro Clover Season1 on Steam

In terms of actual game play, the challenges require mastering the d-pad rather than the controller stick. Just when I got used to playing in one particular style, I had to unlearn everything and start from the beginning again, like Luke Skywalker when he met Yoda. And instead of learning how to be a Jedi, Treffy just wants to dance! This move is roughly the equivalent to a dodge, so she doesn’t take damage.

Although there are other options to keep me engaged with Kokoro Clover, I didn’t find them all terribly exciting. On this list includes standalone stages, rhythm and gacha mini-games, a boss rush mode, a music player, and a shop to purchase unlockables by spending coins earned through play.

Should I finish this game, I’ll add to this review. For now, it’s still a work in progress.

Kokoro Clover Trailer

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