Thor: Love and Thunder and It’s Connection with The Eternals

Ever since Taika Waititi said he’d return to make Thor Love and Thunder, fans everywhere had high expectations, and he certainly delivered!

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MCU’s Phase Four should’ve started with The Eternals and continued into Doctor Strange: Multiverse of Madness before the latest. No matter how hard I’ve tried to rewatch those Disney/Marvel films prior, I simply turn it off after ten minutes. Plus, ever since Taika Waititi said he’d return to make Thor: Love and Thunder, fans everywhere had high expectations, and he certainly delivered!

Not only did the story bring Jane Foster (Natalie Portman) back, but also, we get to see what has become of Thor (Chris Hemsworth) since joining the Guardians of the Galaxy. And when considering this director brings the same boisterousness from Ragnarök to this latest, I’m excited!

In what we need to know is that Odinson is no longer the person he once was. Throughout the past films, he’s been simply trying to find himself. His title as God of Thunder is dubious at best, and these days, he’s on a quest to regain it. That is, not everyone will be thunderstruck when he enters the room. The bit with him and the Guardians of the Galaxy saving a local civilisation sets up what’s to come. We learn many gods have been turning their back on their people lately, and it’s caused worlds to start singing R.E.M.’s song, “Losing My Religion.”

Meanwhile, from another world, Gorr (Christian Bale) is hell-bent on killing every deity that dares to cross his path. After watching how his creator god abandoned his people and let everybody die, including his daughter, he’s upset. Soon afterwards, he vows to massacre all the gods because he believes they no longer serve a purpose. Since they no longer listen to their worshipper’s prayers, why have them around at all? This argument was looked at in The Eternals. In this film, the assembled beings were divided on whether they should allow the indigenous people to worship them or not. Some could grant miracles but for the others, they knew it was better to not interfere in planetary development.

Thor: Love and Thunder' Trailer Reveals Gorr the God Butcher - Variety

If you ask me, this newest threat is Kratos in disguise. Although the events leading up to his decision to kill are different, the motivations to keep on going rather than to find personal peace are the same. Also, these two have familiar facial striped markings despite having different physiques.

The only difference between these two characters is in their approach in how to wipe out a lot of gods in one fell swoop. Kratos took care of the Greek pantheon one deity at a time, but for Gorr, dealing with every pantheon across the galaxy won’t be easy. His introduction implies he doesn’t know much about the multiverse and although the sentient Necrosword gave him the knowledge, what he later learns requires, ironically enough, making a leap of faith and believe Eternity exists. Instead of following a god, he’s making a deal with the devil.

After Thor learns about this individual, he’s off to visit Omnipotent City to warn them. But they’re already aware of Gorr and are doing nothing about stopping him. Zeus (Russell Crowe) admits they’re in hiding and would rather enjoy a party while the universe goes to hell in a handbasket.

Thor: Love & Thunder's Omnipotence City Must Include Its Most Interesting Character

In that regard, Taika’s tale suggests more is wrong with the universe than Thanos originally recognised. There’s more happening behind the scenes that Thor isn’t aware of and hopefully future movies will reveal what that is. While he’s on a personal search for the meaning of life, other forces are turning their back on it. The arrogance of godhood is widespread and not limited to what The Eternals movie examined.

Perhaps another end time is coming, and the universe will be remade. It’s tough to say what the ultimate plan is for the future of MCU films, but in terms of the story-arcs being wrapped up, everything we hoped to see is present. Waititi’s translation of Jane Foster’s story arc from the comics to live action is no doubt condensed, but I feel he did justice to it. As for whether she’ll return, it’s tough to say.

Also, this movie is not about Thor’s plot to steal Zeus’s thunder to get his mojo back. Instead, it’s about how he plans to move on after everything that’s happened to him since Avengers Infinity War/Endgame.  Although he had difficulty living the life of a human in love, to be something more in that relationship was tough. Also, to live every day without someone calling for his help is a lot more difficult. Ragnarök showed how he can’t change prophecy, much less the prayers of those who still see him as a god of thunder. Just ask Bruce Almighty.

 4 Thunderstrikes ouf of 5

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