Taking the Heat in Ninjago Crystallized’s Latest

The Crystal King is actively recruiting in LEGO NInjago Crystallized’s latest pair of episodes!

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The next pair of episodes in Ninjago Crystallized shows the team given due process in court and serving time. But as the trailers have shown, they’ll be out in no time. In “Ninjago City vs the Ninja,” we watch the boys given due process before getting tossed away. Despite Dareth’s best attempts to convince Judge William Toughbutt otherwise, with a nice recap of everything they’ve done for the good of the populace, this representative of the law thinks otherwise.

In this episode, we examine the cost of rebuilding a city. From town to a young city, and later a metropolis, the technical advances between iterations have been noticeable throughout the 15-season run. Someone needs to be writing the paychecks, and we don’t know of any Bruce Wayne personality. There’s only two characters I can think of who are rich enough. One is Cyrus Borg and the other is Milton Dyer.

For now, we’re watching the original team deal with familiar hurdles. Some people see them as heroes and others a vigilante element. Apparently not everyone is keen to forgive and forget. It makes me wonder if Batman will make an appearance. Although the Ninjago team has to serve time in prison, they’re doing so to prove they respect the law.

However, when they are placed in the same prison as those they’ve put away, not everyone is going to welcome them. It’s important to show where the bad guys are. We even have Ronin looking rather comfortable. I wouldn’t be surprised if he’s even running things from behind bars.

Elsewhere, Lloyd learns about The Crystal King. Like all megalomaniacs, to have someone reveal their plans is what they do best. They often don’t know when to keep quiet to ensure success.

This episode is also good since it offers words of wisdom. Lloyd’s lecture to Ronin says it all. Everybody has choices, and it’s possible to correct past mistakes.As a result, I’m hoping that Aspheera can see the light. She’s the only adversary with magical powers to not only strip away elemental powers, but also grant it.

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The Crystal King is recruiting during the final few minutes. The next person to join this council is Vangelis from two seasons ago, and I liken him to Lex Luthor. As for who’s next, it depends on whom the king thinks can contribute to reshaping the world of ninjago. That’s the focus in the next episode, “Kryptarium Prison Blues,” where we soon learn nearly every criminal hopes to get help from the outside to break out.

Since nobody but Jay and Nya know about Nadakahn, not every master villain will be recruited. I would love to see him come back and help the team. Instead, Pythor is bragging about how he’ll be next. The episode moves quickly to show that he is correct. Lloyd doesn’t want the snake from leaving, and honestly, since they’re excellent diggers, I’m surprised he hasn’t made the plan to do so on his own.

Instead, he’s more excited to turn tail and work for an even greater evil instead of to help himself.

Meanwhile, Nya is finally determined to find a way to help. I’m glad she isn’t resting, but as for how she can contribute, I believe the most logical choice is to build a new power armour. In the next episode, the boys will have to figure out the next contact. After watching the prior episode, we can rule out a lot of individuals.

And as for who’ll make up this LEGO version of the Justice League, I believe Lloyd’s team and the New Ninja will shake hands. After The Crystal King reveals himself, they are going to need help! Although the former team faced many big evils, to deal with someone who possesses Vengestone won’t be easy. They’ll need someone who is immune to the rock to smash their way to success.

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