Convention Updates in British Columbia

Capital City Comic Con, is postponed. They announced yesterday that instead of its usual Spring Break date, it’ll be taking place in Sept 23-25 instead.


Fan Expo Vancouver looks like it will take place on February 19-21, and they most likely have to double up on enforcing health safety protocols given that another event is not going to take place (please check their faq for the latest updates).

For the big city event, there’s been only one cancellation so far. Matthew Lewis (Neville Longbottom of Harry Potter fame) can no longer make it; perhaps something at Hogwarts school has come to this attention that he has to take care of. There was supposed to be a certain Jack Skellington to appear, but another holiday is calling to him to wreck up. In his place Jordan Elsass and Alexander Garfin (better known as Jonathan and Jordan Kent from Superman and Lois) are coming to this event instead! This series is now into season two and paving a way for TheCW to revamp their Arrowverse.

Instead, we have a wide range of returning favourites–William Shatner, Robert Englund and Kevin Smith–are invited back. The latter is joined by Jason Mewes, Jeff Anderson, Trevor Fehrman, and Brian O’Halloran for a Clerks reunion. Their slice of life Americana is what made this movie a cult classic.

We also have the Trailer Park Boys–Bubbles, Julian and Ricky–bringing their East coast style, Canadiana, to the west coast!

Two other convention favourites, Ashley Eckstein and Ming-Na Wen, will be present to talk about their latest work, which doesn’t always have to include Star Wars.

While this list looks impressive, please bear in mind that it can change at the last minute. This event requires all attendees to show proof of vaccination status (a minimum of two shots is required) and to wear a mask at all times (unless consuming sustenance). Confirmed to change is that this event is expanding its footprint to include Hall A, B, and C, and widening of the aisles. There will be lots of space to spread out so no congestion can take place.


Sadly, Victoria BC’s Capital City Comic Con, is postponed. They announced yesterday that instead of its usual Spring Break date, it’ll be moving to the Autumn month of September 23-25, 2022. It might return to the usual March, but there’s no official word (yet) about what their plans are.

The Con Com’s decision for this new date is understandable given the concerns of the still spreading omicron virus and its varient, despite declines or random upticks in local cases.

As a smaller sized convention in a modestly sized city, the manpower doesn’t exist to enforce all those health protocols and keeps crowds moving along. Plus, the conventions in Europe has a lot of talents that would normally be in the USA over there. They might have had problems finding people willing to committ to a late Winter event.

Masking up is not enough if not everyone feels comfortable at the event, vaccinated or not. For further notes, please visit my previous article, Pandemics, Fan Expo Vancouver and Capital City Comic Con 2022.

Author: Ed Sum

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