Pandemics, Fan Expo Vancouver and Capital City Comic Con 2022

10 Jan

FAN EXPO VANCOUVER - Festivals - 999 Canada Pl, Vancouver, BC - Phone  Number - YelpAs we enter year three of the pandemic, it‘s safe to say no pop culture convention is expected to run at full capacity. Despite reports of other big events–namely Fan Expo Portland–cancelling for this region, the organizers behind two of British Columbia’s events (Fan Expo Vancouver and Capital City Comic Con) are still listed as taking place in February and March. They are most likely going to operate at half capacity in accordinace to health guidelines.

Some events have to sally forth otherwise bankruptcy has to be declared. Contracts were signed, and not many have a Impossibility Clause. That is, the government has to directly intervene to say this event cannot continue and there’d be no breach of contract.

It’s expected that attendees will have to wear masks throughout and show proof of being vaccinated. 

My hope is that none of the guests will cancel. The former has Jay and Silent Bob (Jason Mewes and Kevin Smith), Jeff Anderson, Trevor Fehrman and Brian O’Halloran of Clerks fame appearing. William Shatner went to the stars and back, so no virus can hold him down. Matthew Lewis might cast a few Harry Potter type spells to protect himself while here.

Get involved at the Capital City Comic Con March 20-22, 2020

Capital City Comic Con has yet to make guest announcements. Some news is coming and their social media will soon be active to generate excitement. This event is three months away. 

After all the New Year’s celebrations and weekend hangovers are over, some media outlets are saying hospitals are bracing for the worst. But I’m hopeful. More folks should have their second shots if not boosters by now. It’ll help calm some of the symptoms down, but as this virus keeps on mutating, the world can’t live in perpetual fear all the time. Everyone isn’t cautious either. Life goes on with people more accepting of wearing a face mask whenever out in public and sanitizing their hands very regularly.

In Victoria and Vancouver, people are going about their daily business. Realistically, this virus will always be lingering around since this latest version is said to be a very transmissive air-borne type. All anyone can do is simply practise safe hygiene and it’ll all be good.


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