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There’s a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World to be found in The Mitchells vs the Machines. I can rewatch the Netflix film without eating up precious bandwidth, and ‘The Best Features Ever’ is just that. The additional material helped make me appreciate this work a lot more, and to see more Dog Cop helped make my day.

The deleted scenes are more than just short moments. Half of them extend and offer more backstory. I can see why they weren’t brought to production since it’d make the presentation far too long. Other featurettes include “Dog Cop 7: The Final Chapter.” This little film features the family pet, Monchi, dealing with a candy cane crook (appropriate for the season) and love at the same time. It’s animated with sock puppets and a canine stuffed doll with the arms of some actress playing Katie helping animate this beloved pug. To create this work in an opposite style in contrast to the film works for the sake of pretend realism.

“Katie’s Cabinet of Forgotten Wonders” is another section which offers a look at how the film was made. There’s even more shorts like “Dumb Robots Trailer” to show where in the production was as the main film was still in production. Other bits include Mike Rianda’s “The Original Mitchell’s Story Pitch” where we see the original storyboards. Another one includes “The Furby Scene – How? Why?” which gets rather surreal at times, but I feel that’s necessary to understand that segment of the movie.

The Mitchells vs. The Machines is one of the best new family movies on  Netflix - CNET

The other content is fairly standard. We have a director’s commentary, the making of and how the movie was made during the pandemic. The production team had plenty of virtual meetings to deal with the logistics of where everyone’s at and to meet deadlines, but what I have to appreciate to round out this release is in other pieces to inspire.

The two how-to videos are certainly appropriate for anyone wanting to be an influencer. In addition to learning how to make those cupcakes featured in the film, there’s also creating unique characters with the most basic type of puppet of them all, a sock. Of course, it’s always best to test your presentation with pals before taking it online. It’s challenging and to get that love online is tough. Not everyone can be iCarly right away, but in case of being a Mitchell, that’s easier to deal with.

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