WARPs ROOTS, Ready to Train a New Generation of Singers

The new ‘WARPs DIG’ project being launched this time will focus on the members of WARPs ROOTS, a training ground for the next generation of WARPs talent aiming for global success.

WARPs RootsWARPs expanding! They may well be called WARP-Syndicate at this rate, but for fans of their music wondering how the lineup will change, everything will be revealed on YouTube. WARPs DIG is a new show available on YouTube so people can follow their journey from regular life to stage.

From the Press Release:

WARP-Syndicate (commonly known as WARPs) stands for Wind Assemble Radical People-Syndicate, meaning a collective that harnesses the wind of innovation. By operating groups with fixed lineups and various projects across multiple artistic disciplines and regardless of age, gender and nationality, it is a collective that aims to create a new landscape where talent can shine beyond existing categories and frameworks. The Japanese-Chinese mixed boys’ group WARPs UP has been active as the first act under the WARPs umbrella.

The new ‘WARPs DIG’ project being launched this time will focus on the members of WARPs ROOTS, a training ground for the next generation of WARPs talent aiming for global success. ‘WARPs DIG’ is a documentary series that aims to create a new style of entertainment and a unique kind of culture; it will shine a spotlight on world-class young talent from Japan, digging up hard workers with a wide range of ages and backgrounds.

‘WARPs DIG’ began May 20, with a video released on YouTube. This will be followed by further updates on the same channel. The new series follows ‘ROOTS on ROOFs’, a series of rooftop performance videos by the members of WARPs ROOTS; and ‘YOUR ROOTS?’, a series in which the members each discuss their backgrounds and ambitions. Subscribe to the YouTube channel below to support the ‘WARPs DIG’ and WARPs ROOTS projects.

WARPs DIG YouTube channel:

For the ‘WARPs DIG’ series (also known as ‘DIG’), the members of WARPs ROOTS are divided into teams, competing in categories such as dance, rap, vocals, etc; the members must aim for the championship while uniting as a team and working hard together. Besides technique, the members will need to exhibit strength in human and spiritual elements as well. The panel of guest judges will also be affected by the votes of special celebrity judges and an audience vote. ‘DIG’ will comprise four seasons a year, at the end of which one group will earn their major-label debut. In season one, which covers from April to June, the members will hone their skills in dance, freestyle, choreography, composition, and the ability to work together and win as a team.

The entertainment industry in Japan was hit hard by the effects of the covid-19 pandemic, but the members of the first WARPs group, WARPs UP, have found success through their activities around the world, including being selected to appear on a major audition series on TV in China. WARPs UP believe that the expression of entertainment transcends national borders, and that Japan and Asia are home to many world-class talents who have not yet been exposed to the sun. This ethic can be seen in ‘DIG’, which, as its name suggests, aims to excavate these talents for the world to see. The 365-day process of building and launching a major-label group can be followed via various WARPs ROOTS social media channels.

The ‘DIG’ project is also always on the lookout for new participants. We hope the next generation of talents will come forward to take up the challenge.

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