That Ain’t No Mummy Rebirth (2019)

MummyRelease Date: August 13, 2019.
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When writer Justin Price teams up with director with a wicked name as Khu, good things can come from this pairing wanting to look at the legends of Ancient Egypt. Mummy Rising and Pharaohs (presumedly the sequel currently in production) may well the beginnings of a direct to DVD franchise along the lines of how the Scorpion King continued. My interest in both films simply lays with the undead coming back to life in modern times and doing what they do best: destroy all life.

The story begins in the past, where two lovers–Sebek (Shamel Hashish) and Reheema (Taylor Carter)–seek freedom away from a band of soldiers ordered by the pharaoh to kill them. Treason is behind all these sordid affairs and yes, I am heavily reminded of Stephen Sommers The Mummy with this intro. That’s where all comparisons end. Flash forward to the future, Archeologists Daniella (Brittany Goodwin) a tomb raider wannabe and Noah (Carter) are on the job. They are hired to locate a lost city and a crystal presumably made by Nicolas Flemal that businessman Sager (David E. Cazares) wants. Now he’s no Lord Carnarvon. My interest in these expeditions is to see what kind of magic (makeup and special effects) is going to be dug up with a low budget horror film.

The mummies of Sebek and Reheema are awakened, and of the two it’s the male who wants to raze the world and leave nothing alive. The monsters Sebek summons is a cacophony of this and that which is more amusing to see realized than anything else. This movie is more in line with the pulp B-movies of yesteryears than anything high budget. Sometimes getting back to basics is all a movie needs. It’s not meant to compete against the big name films. Instead, I rank it amongst the cheesy greats like The Lost Skeleton of Cadavra.

3.5 Stars out of 5

Author: Ed Sum

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