The Best Animated Announcements From Disney Plus Day

What Is Disney Plus Day: New Movies and Features Available NowBy Ed Sum
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On Disney Plus Day, a lot of new works announced will come flooding into the streaming service next year. I’m more excited for the animated material than the others. Yes, Marvel Entertainment and Star Wars will get their expanded universe treatment, and all I can say is, “What, no more Clone Wars type material? There’s no tease for what the next season of The Bad Batch will entail?”

Out of the entirety of everything’s announced, it’s Chip n’ Dale Rescue Rangers which excites me the most. I’ve always loved their nostalgia laden pulp fiction adventures. It’s going to be a live-action / CGI hybrid work, and I’m okay with that. Ever since their cameo in the updated Ducktales, I’ve been hoping their return isn’t being delayed because of finding replacement voices or rights management. 

Other works include:


It’s hard to say what has become of Big Hero 6 The Series, but it seems to have lost steam because it never had a huge plot arc to close off the final season. Nothing’s happening for a sequel, so instead, the robot gets a spinoff. Not a lot of details are revealed in the trailer as the gang has to be doing something!

The Ice Age Adventures of Buck Wild

Under the auspices of Disney acquiring this franchise from 20th Century Entertainment, it’s terrific Simon Pegg can be the lead in this all-new adventure. This film is coming on Jan 22 and it’s sure to be a riot–assuming this talent is writing it!

Marvel Zombies

This series has to follow up on the What-If episodes from season one, and it’s simple one many Marvel Comics fans have been eager to see done as a series.

Spider-Man: Freshman Year Animated Series Heading to Disney+

Spider-Man: Freshman Year

Just how many new animated series about Peter Parker do we really need? The last one rode on the heels of the Avengers wave of popularity, but it seems Marvel Entertainment believes it time to return this character to the roots that made him beloved. More details to come.

What If…? (Season 2)

This series is fantastic at presenting a Twilight Zone to the MCU. The first season’s set of episodes was actually interconnected and we never knew until absolutely needed. It created the Guardians of the Multiverse. What’s next for them is anybody’s guess. The Watcher will have been on his toes this time instead of presenting one-off stories of other Earths facing problems with its version of our favourite heroes.

Win or Lose (TV Series) (2023) - Filmaffinity

Win or Lose

PIXAR’s making a weekly series, and it’s about time. Win or Lose,” they have a lot invested in a tale about a softball team prepping for a championship game. It’s a premise that can work as each episode follows a different character. The series will build to an exciting climax as this series may well be developed for one season in mind than many.

X-Men ‘97

Every fan of the classic ’90s X-Men series is excited that this tale isn’t over. It has to continue in where the series last left off. Charles Xavier is with his beloved Lilandra and is travelling the stars. Not only will we see what will become of that journey but also we’ll see the New Mutants finally get their chance to flex their muscles.


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