John Cena is Headed to ECCC2021!

31 Aug

John Cena "super sad" about Dave Bautista distancing himself from WWEBy Ed Sum
(The Vintage Tempest)

Appearing Dec 4th, 2021
Emerald City Comic Con (Dec 2-5)

From World Wrestling Entertainment’s ring to cinema’s silver screen, John Cena certainly made an impact. He follows after a small line of “athletes” turned actors who’s developing a splendid career in the latter. This veteran of crazy dramatics certainly shows he has the chops for good-hearted family films like Daddy’s Home to action-star material with Suicide Squad. In December, he’ll be making a one-day appearance at Emerald City Comic Con! Let’s just hope he’s ready to face the greatest challenge many similar events are facing, is having massive indoor events a good idea while the world is still in the midst of a pandemic?

Based on reports from European based shows running with limited capacity and safety protocols in place, so far so good. Most of them are asking for proof of being vaccinated. There’s only been one show cancellation (Nottingham Comic Con) due to concerns of the rising Delta varient. This performer who played the toughest soldier of them all (The Marine) is no doubt more than ready to tackle any danger head on. Attendees are encouraged to wear a face mask when in doubt. Photo-ops will have a piece of plexiglass between attendees and celebrities. Also, some badges may have a red, yellow and green button/sticker to show to others if you feel safe in giving out/receiving hugs.

Those able to attend will. Those who are unsure of travelling to meet their favourite artists, writers and stars will always remain hesitant. Thankfully ReedPOP have fully disclosed what their safety measures are, and it simply boils down to paying money to get regulatory institute approved doctor’s note prior to entry into state and venue. Those who are out of country will have to factor this into their travel plans, and not all forms of transportation is available. The only way to get in is via air. Land and water is very restricted. These antigen tests must be administered within 48 hours. For any concerns, this ECCC can be contacted at

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