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Honestly, according to the Gregorian Calender, we still have a few more weeks of Summer left. But as most folks equate Labour Day as transitional period, Kaz of J-Pop Group, INTERSECTION, has another take. His single, “Summer is Over feat.Mai Anna,” epitomizes the feeling of Summer’s end and reflecting on all of the memories and romance of the season. This release follows his single  “Drown feat. Hikari Mitsushima” which was released earlier this month. 

“I have produced this song with a producer Solomon Fox, who is a singer-songwriter in the U.S. This song was created at the end of summer as the title says when I was 19. My friend Mai Anna, who goes to the same school as me, joined to write the lyrics.

The melody is soft as it lets you imagine the scene of the end of the summer, but I added the warmth and the sense of the human temperature. Although it’s nostalgic when summer is over, this is the song about the passional romance relationship.” – KAZ

This is the third self-produced single that Kazuma has released this year and is the last before the release of his first solo EP, CODE LOVE, on September 13th, 2021. It will include “White Stallion” (which was downloaded 250k times on the first day of its release in China alone, breaking the record for a Japanese artist)  and “Drown feat. Hikari Mitsushima” as well as “Summer is Over feat.Mai Anna”


Kazuma Mitchell is a member of the Japanese and American boy group, INTERSECTION. Though he was born in New York, Kaz returned to Japan at the age of eight. He has appeared on AbemaTV’s “Who is the Wolf?” which became a social phenomenon, especially among high school students, and broke the series record with 23 million views. In February 2021, he appeared on the Chinese version of “Produce Camp 2021 (CHUANG 2021),” a very popular audition show that has been broadcasted in China (and throughout Asia) with a total of 5 billion views which broadened his fanbase specifically in China to more than 1.77 million followers on Weibo.

Aside from his music career, Kaz is currently a student at the renowned Harvard University, and is an up and coming model. He was an exclusive model for MEN’S NON-NO, and has appeared as a runway model during Paris Fashion Week in 2020. (see below)

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