The Paranormal Network is about Cryptids & Mythology Too!

It should be noted that this channel is still growing. There’ll be regular weekly content. 

The Paranormal NetworkBy Ed Sum
(The Vintage Tempest)

New Episode(s) Available Every Week
With the next Mytheries June 28 and That Bigfoot Show July 12

The Paranormal Network is growing there’s two programs worth checking out. The parent company., shuffled their paranormal subjects under the new banner. I still argue cryptozoology is its own discipline, since it deals with beings that have left a trail of alleged evidence behind. However, it should be noted that this channel is still growing. There’ll be regular weekly content and of the five different shows, all of them stand out in their own unique way.

That Bigfoot Show is a short format style video blog about cryptids in context with the world of pop culture. Taylor James Johnson certainly knows his stuff. These segments have a Pokemon GO vlogger vibe as he’s in the field, on hikes in various woods, and perhaps hoping for that once-in-the-lifetime chance to catch the giant. His dialogue isn’t scripted. On any stumbles or need to edit his talk, television, cinematic or comic book b-roll is placed over his talking head moments.

Four episodes in (the series debuted early this year), this latest discusses Marvel Comics biggest hero, Sasquatch, and how he’s evolved from mythical figure to pop culture icon in this universe. It’s a pleasant diversion from the usual content, and this show has me curious if Taylor discussed Chewbacca in the past. Because of genus, the Wookie and Bigfoot can easily be cousins. However, it should be noted this latest has him talking about his unusual sighting of a  tiny UFO and asking are the worlds related?

I like to see where this network will go with The Mytheries–an excellent look at mythical figures written and narrated by Jessica Dwyer. The in-depth research delves into material even I wasn’t aware of and have since fact checked. Their first episode is about Lilith, and the material presented here is a very strong start!

The bigger question I have is how this channel will compete with others? I’m thinking about The Infographics Show as they offer the odd segment about the bizarre. The most recent is about The Hat Man, and I’m ready to see how both sites will develop further occult content. The money is on what kind of new information can be delivered, and so far both sides are delivering.

Author: Ed Sum

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