Love Indie Videogames? The Spotlight on Freedom Games at E3 Online!

Freedom Games at E3On Monday, June 14, starting 12:30 PM PT, Freedom Games will have event broadcasts at E3 Online.  There’ll be plenty of announcements, developer interviews, and updates on some of the most exciting indie titles on the horizon – with a surprise or two for eager fans.

Each segment will run for 15 minutes and highlight more than ten upcoming titles, and the following is just but a tease at what’s planned:

Freedom Games at E3 - Anuchrd Title Card

This company will unveil trailers highlighting new content, launch windows, and additional platforms for titles including One Lonely Outpost, the farming sim set on a barren alien planet from Aurorian Studios, Coromon, the modern monster-taming RPG from TRAGsoft, Airborne Kingdom, the sky city-builder from A Wandering Band, Anuchard, the civilization restoration action RPG from stellarNull, Dreamscaper, the surreal rogue-lite action RPG from Afterburner Studios, and Cat Cafe Manager, the charming sim from Roost Games about restoring a family’s feline-focused bistro.

Freedom Games at E3 - Dreamscaper Title CardAlso planned for the showcase is a pawsome update on To The Rescue!, the heartfelt dog shelter management simulator from developer Little Rock Games, with new gameplay footage and details on its charity partnership with The Petfinder Foundation.

On the spotlight will be gameplay videos for Sands of Aura, the open-world action RPG set in the dying days of a forgotten land from Chashu Entertainment and Tower Rush, the action strategy tug-of-war game from developer Megaglope Studios (with details of each game’s release window available), and a look back at a recent content creator weekend in Slaughter League, the deadly game show racing platformer from developer Microwave Games.

“Since launching Freedom Games, we’ve had the opportunity to work with amazing teams working on outstanding projects,” said Benjamin Tarsa, Director of Publishing, Freedom Games. “With our E3 showcase, we can’t wait to show gamers all the exciting projects coming in the future!”.

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