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16 Feb

AG303 Karen York 4.jpgBy Ed Sum
(The Vintage Tempest)

Programming Note: Encores of Season 2 episodes follows after each new Season 3 episode. Mondays at 9pm and 9:30pm ET. Please check online listing for local schedule.

VisionTV’s Ageless Gardens has grown up since its debut two years ago. The stories look at how to be green. That is, we see how others grow their own foods, develop their well being and give back to the land. In turn, the ground returns its beauty in bounty to please our senses. This show is not about the food, but how we remain forever young.

The coverage I offered when this program debuted is on Series two offered similar shorts mostly from the perspective of folks local to British Columbia and there were a few segments from beyond. They all showed us how important staying true to valued ideals are best and also revealed new ideas in how to harvest from the land without harming ecosystems.

It’s important to know there are gardeners willing to buck the status quo. Season three’s debut episode says we don’t have to follow the book or listen to every word from an expert. It’s possible for those watching to adapt the ideas presented because where they live is not quite the same.


It’s been suggested that classical music helps certain flora grow. This idea’s been briefly examined in last season’s finale episode, “Gardens of the Spirit” and I’m looking forward to seeing a follow-up which explores the idea in depth. I’m a firm believer that sound does more than soothe the savage beast.

This locally made production by Ian Toews and Mark Bradley also saw pieces from afar where monks tend to nature’s most sacred. The presence of that living energy is all they need to survive. Tower gardens are built in isolated places to grow food year-round. This past episode is worth seeking, and to return to the theme, season three’s “Sacred Spaces” expands the idea from a local perspective.

AG302 Catherine King 3.jpg

There’s an area in Clayoquot Sound where its natural resonance is not abused, but used to make living off the land possible. Freedom Cove is a large enough spot to share, and I’m sure even Yoda is somewhere! In what isn’t said about the majestic space that one couple have made for themselves is that it comprises 12 platforms complete with greenhouses, a dance floor, an art gallery, and a lighthouse tower for guests to live in. They talk about welcoming visitors once a blue moon, and it should be noted that they do not run a resort. Their home is private.

Catherine King’s story is special because there’s a romance. This tale makes this episode stand out. We learn about how she met Wayne Adams and fell in love. This episode circles back to featuring the man, how he helped build this retreat and his hobby. Wood carving is meditative, and this man is at peace when he finds his inspiration!

The beauty of Ageless Gardens is that there’s plenty of ideas offered for those to take away and adapt. Even a special webisode was made to explain how many have changed their methods in the midst of the pandemic.


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#301: “Learning in the Garden” (Monday, February 15, at 9pm ET)
Gardeners demonstrate how working with soil and plants can grow minds too.

#302: “Sacred Spaces” (Monday, February 22, at 9pm ET)
Unique gardens connect those who tend them to something deeper within.

#303: “Emotional Gardens” (Monday, March 1, at 9pm ET)
Gardens are used to maintain emotional balance.

#304: “Gardening a Better World” (Monday, March 8, at 9pm ET)
Gardeners connect their activism to others, through their grown food.

#305: “Gardening Together” (Monday, March 15, at 9pm ET)
With collective effort and encouragement, we connect to each other through gardening.

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