The Vintage Tempest’s Guide to Spooktober

10 Oct
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By Ed Sum (The Vintage Tempest)

T&E (or Travel Channel in the States) does not hold the monopoly in their idea of what defines Ghostober. Yes, Halloween’s coming, but we need not depend on one network to get our scares–real or not. Instead, we have a nice menagerie of programming to get our thrill seeking on. It’s easy to make a top ten list, but to half that is challenging.

There are far too many staples to gravitate to. If you love your paranormal reality investigation show, there isn’t just one to enjoy. If I was to recommend one series above the rest, it’d be Kindred Spirits. I’ve grown tired of seeing macho dominate this scene, and this program is a welcome change of pace.

But for sheer fun, my number one choice of new shows coming to television begins with…

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Truth Seekers
(Amazon Prime)

Honestly, any movie or television series made by and featuring Simon Pegg and Nick Frost are destined for awesomeness.

This supernatural comedy sounds like it has everything Dan Ackyrod wanted for his Ghostbusters franchise before Sony Pictures started meddling. And when we have that unique British wit involved, what can go wrong? Only these part-time paranormal investigators can tell! They have a YouTube channel? In what they discover is a conspiracy told in episodic form to bring about the End of Days, that’s all.

Shadows of History
(Travel Channel)

Robert Englund is an icon. He can deliver the frights as perfectly as he played Freddy Kruger – a demon who will haunt your dreams! He is a terrific host in True Terror (2019) and this new show, Shadows of History, may well be season two!

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Unsolved Mysteries
Season 2

This reboot of a beloved classic is only getting better as this season promises to feature a few more paranormal cases. Part of the appeal of this series is as the series title implies. Perhaps that’s why ghosts linger. They need resolution, and the circumstances of their death has not been fully revealed. Closure is what everyone wants, whether that’s from the living or dead.

A Babysitter’s Guide
to Monster Hunting

There’s nothing wrong with being recruited by a secret society. Sometimes to be part of a special fraternity is neat, but when they are babysitters dedicated to protecting children destined to change the world, there’s something just odd about the idea. What’s special about them? Kelly Ferguson will find out, and it’s best not to cheat by looking at the trilogy of books to which this series is based on.

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The Haunting
of Bly Manor

Instead of The Haunting of Hill House, this new series is taking a fresh look at Henry James’ 1898 horror novella, The Turn of the Screw. It looks visually good, but as for how under the skin the narrative will crawl, this series has promise and we can only hope this adaptation does the job.

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